What Is New?

This is the main content area, and it remains basically unchanged. Other than a few style enhancements, you can edit this area as you normally would. Be sure to check out the "Styles" dropdown menu to check out the cool new image options and the great 'highlight' option.

This is an example of the "highlight" option from within the "Styles" dropdown.


Check out the new Content Blocks that we have added to Cascade! You can use the new Content Blocks to make Accordions, Tabs, Lists, and/or Panels!

Click here for the tutorial!

Note: You can use multiple iterations of each Content Block whether it be, an Accordion and Tabs, Lists and Accordions, or all four! You can view how to use the Content Blocks here, or you can click the link above for the tutorial.


You now have a couple of great choices on what your images look like. See the examples below:


See that slider working at the top of this page? That's your new "Impact Area". You can choose between an image-only slider, or a mixed slider that contains both images and text. The "Mixed" option is what we've chosen above. There are character limits on the mixed option. A slide title can have 40 characters, and a slide description can have 200 characters.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that all images used in the impact area be the exact same width and height. If they are not, you will have some wonky things happening. You'll notice that if the images you use are NOT the same, the slider will jump up and down each time a slide rotates, and the background color gets off as well.


Not to be confused with the new Impact Area (the slider above), the Impact Image is a specially designed area for your departmental logo or any other image you'd like to have featured above your site's navigation. See our example at the top-left of this page (Cascade Server's logo).


Check out the contact information box over there on the left. If you're department/program is on social media, enter your account names, and get direct links to those pages. 

NOTE: On a smartphone, the left column will be hidden by default, allowing a user to show/hide as needed. Try it out!

This is an optional right column area, as you had before. The new update to this, however, is that you can choose between 2 different column widths. The default is a 30% width, and the second option is a 50% width. Choosing 50% will make the main content and the right column equal widths.

NOTE: On a smartphone, the right column will appear below the main content.

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