Guidelines for Web Usage

The University's Web Communications team is responsible for the look and feel of the University of North Alabama’s web site and therefore is involved in helping others at UNA develop websites that best represent the University. 

The Web Communications team is providing these guidelines to the UNA community for the purpose of enhancing the university's presence on the Internet. The guidelines within these pages are intended as a reference for the look and feel, content quality, and technical aspects of web pages representing the University of North Alabama.  

A great university website leaves a strong, positive first impression with website visitors, including current and future students, their parents, institutional partners, faculty, staff, and the many others seeking information from or about UNA. For many, our website serves as their first introduction to the University of North Alabama. It must communicate in a clear and consistent manner the university's mission, vision, and outstanding characteristics.  

The university’s website is an official publication of UNA. Our print publications utilize a consistent style – a “family” look and feel – and adhere to well-defined Graphic Standards. Similarly, our websites need to use consistent “family” elements and adhere to similar kinds of guidelines for the web. As the primary means by which the world learns about the university, UNA’s website must reflect the university’s excellence in a consistent manner. 

Standard guidelines governing website design and deployment are a necessary aspect of our concerted web development strategy. These guidelines are based on industry best practices for web navigation and usability, and support UNA’s Graphic Standards, which protect and project our unique brand. The University of North Alabama homepage, as well as all sub-level pages housed under the root level of the website, will utilize templates provided by the Web Communication's team and will be houses inside of the university Content Management System, Cascade Server.  All websites and web pages within the domain must adhere to the university's Style Guidelines.