Your web resource site!

In one sense, the UNA Web site is the front door to the university. That’s why our Web communications team stays on the front end of Web technologies. While continually developing the website, we’ll work with you to find new ways of reaching your department’s audience through the very latest in online media.

The Web pages we design

The primary focus of our Web communications team is the development and day-to-day maintenance of the university homepage and other top-level pages. The pages we create are designed to market UNA and specific programs of the university. Departmental and Office websites are maintained using our Content Management System, Cascade Server, by appointed 'Web Lions' within each department/office.

What can we do for you?

Our Web Communications team is available to ensure that your website works for you! We can build websites and web-based applications that help to streamline your administrative duties. Need a personal faculty website? We can set you up with the necessary web space for that. If you’ve got an idea, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help you out. Chances are, we can!

Sharing the knowledge

Are you up on the latest Web trends and technology such as social media? If not, no problem. Our Web communications team offers specialized staff training on Cascade server, social media, and a variety of other topics. Email us at to discuss topics and schedules.

Need something on the UNA homepage?

Simply fill out our convenient Web Communications Request Form to see if your event qualifies.

Cascade Server Login - Click this link to access the UNA CMS login page.


Cascade User's Manual - Read through the user's guide for any help and tips


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Social Media Request - Request something be posted from an official UNA profile


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