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The University of North Alabama is dedicated to making the transfer process as simple as possible. As required by Alabama State Law, UNA will take your course work as outlined in the appropriate STARS Transfer Guide and enable you to graduate with the same number of hours as native UNA students in the same degree program (assuming you do not change majors). Together, the Transfer Guide and the UNA Area V Page, if used correctly, will guide you through your first two years of course work and prevent the loss of credit hours upon transfer. If you have obtained a Transfer Guide for a major in Computer Information Systems, be sure to print this page and use it along with the Guide. Upon transfer, please bring these documents to insure a smooth academic transition.


  • This document is not designed to replace or override Areas I-IV of the official STARS Transfer Guide. It simply provides a list of recommended course options for students who are seriously considering a transfer to UNA.
  • If you are transferring to UNA from an institution outside the Alabama Community College System, please contact the UNA Office of Admissions for the most up-to-date transfer information.

Maximum total number of electives/pre‐professional hours:  24

Hours specified by the Approved STARS Area V Guide: 12  (see the approved transfer guide  at ) 

Remaining 12 hours should be selected from/include the following:

Area V: Additional Requirements

Select each of the following courses:
UNA Course Community College Course Equivalent Course Hours
AC 291 BUS 241 3
AC 292 BUS 242 3
BL 240 BUS 261 or BUS 263 3
CIS 125 CIS 130 or CIS 146 3
QM 291 BUS 260 or BUS 271 3
QM 292 BUS 272 3

Additional Notes:
All Natural Science courses must include the corresponding Laboratory.

Students pursuing majors in the College of Business are not required to have a minor, but they may declare minors offered by other UNA departments or by the College of Business. (Exception: The Business Administration minor is not available to students pursuing a business major.)

Admission to the University does not assure admission to the major programs in the College of Business. Students pursuing a BBA degree may declare a major in a business discipline when applying for admission to the University. However, formal application for major programs should be made to the College of Business upon completion of 45 semester hours. A minimum 2.0 grade point average on all undergraduate course work attempted is also required. See the College of Business website (below) or the UNA Undergraduate Catalog for more information.

Questions about UNA degree programs in Computer Information Systems should be directed to:

Dr. Shane Banks
Associate Professor and Chair,
Department of Computer Science & Information Systems
(256) 765-4301
230 Keller Hall
UNA Box 5076
Florence, AL 35632-0001

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Please print this document and attach it to the University of North Alabama Articulation Guide. 
Together, this document and the articulation guide comprise the articulation 
agreement for a major in Computer Information Systems at the University of North Alabama. 
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