Task Force

Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Task Force charge will be to:

  • Identify and develop creative strategies and initiatives to increase the number of students, faculty, and administrators from African-American and other under-represented groups within the framework of the University’s mission and strategic plan;
  • Identify emergent strategic issues that are not currently being addressed and respond appropriately;
  • Prioritize resource allocation and support from a university-wide perspective;
  • Monitor the University of North Alabama’s progress toward the goals of the Strategic Diversity Plan; and, through these efforts….
  • Make the University of North Alabama an even more attractive and inclusive community for people of all races, ethnicities, faiths, and cultures.

This task force will have a very specific purpose and charge as opposed to the broader duties of the shared governance Multicultural Advisory Committee.  Therefore, the creation of this group on diversity and inclusion is not viewed or intended as supplanting the good work of that committee.  In contrast, the proposed task force will focus on monitoring and assessing the success of the Strategic Diversity Plan over a specified time frame of four years (January 2019 to January 2023) and will report directly to Ron Patterson as Assistant to the President for Diversity.  We respect the role of the Multicultural Advisory Committee and anticipate that the task force will engage with that group throughout this process.