Hours of Operation

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Hours of Operation    

Game Room

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Mail Room

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GUC Mail Room    

About the GUC

Opened in 1988, the Guillot University Center (GUC), nestled in the heart of campus, serves as a hub for student activities and services. Named after Robert Miller Guillot, president of UNA in 1972, the GUC is designed to cater to various student needs, offering spaces for study, socializing, and relaxation.

Within its walls, students can find the GUC Food Court, the University Mail Room, and a plethora of meeting places tailored to individual preferences. These include the Banquet Halls, Performance Center, Loft, and more. The GUC also hosts essential offices and services, such as Student Affairs, Student Engagement, GUC Operations & Event Management, Disability Support Services, Student Conduct, the Lion’s Den Game Room, and Chartwell’s food services.

For inquiries regarding the utilization of the GUC facilities, individuals are encouraged to direct their questions to GUC Operations & Event Management.