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Future Harrison Hall

Click here for a map of access routes around construction sites.


Online Work Request System

To make reporting maintenance issues more convenient, an online system, TMA iService Desk, has been made accessible. When you enter a request in TMA, your request goes directly to campus Facilities for review. After you enter your request, you will receive emails as the status of your request changes. If you encounter any problems or concerns about the online system or your maintenance request, please let us know.

Submitting a Work Request

Employees should report your maintenance request at this link: CAMPUS WORK REQUEST 
(from any computer on campus)

We in the Facilities Administration and Planning Department are here to provide facilities services to the "UNA" community and its 58 buildings occupying 147 acres. We have dedicated ourselves to maintaining a manicured campus, comfortable facilities for all, and a high level of cleanliness in all buildings and the grounds. This is accomplished through the maintenance, repair and general upkeep of all the campus buildings, grounds, and by responding to work requests that have been called in to the department. The department's work is essentially divided into three categories:

  1. Work Request
  2. Minor Construction Request
  3. Routine Operations and Maintenance

We basically respond to the first two categories, Work Request and Minor Construction. The third category is mostly internally generated work, such as preventive maintenance and the daily operation of our utility systems.