Andrea N. Hunt

Associate Professor, Sociology

Founding Director

Special Assistant to the Vice President

       Andrea N. Hunt

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Andrea N. Hunt. 2021. Maree Career Matrix Test Review. A Comprehensive Guide to Career Assessment [Online Companion] (7th ed., chapter 12).
  • Andrea N. Hunt. 2020. Access to Mental Health Care during and after COVID-19. Social Problems in the Age of COVID-19, Volume 1: US Perspectives.
  • Andrea N. Hunt. 2020. Multigenerational Families.
  • Andrea N. Hunt. 2020. Resources and Strategies for Creating More Inclusive Teaching-Learning Spaces.
  • Kimberly Lane, Yaschica Williams, Andrea N. Hunt, and Amber L. Paulk. 2020. The Framing of Race: Travon Martin and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Journal of Black Studies
  • Andrea N. Hunt and Madeleine D. Frankford. 2020. Title IX Programming for Online Learners. Online and Engaged: Innovative Student Affairs Practices for Online Learner Success.
  • Andrea N. Hunt. 2020. Using the Sociological Imagination to Understand Institutions: Religion. Sociology in Action.