Dr. Beth Garfrerick (gar-FRAIR-ik) is an associate professor in the Department of Communications at the University of North Alabama in Florence. She teaches courses in media writing, media history, graphic design, public relations and journalism. She earned a doctoral degree in communications and a master’s degree in journalism from the College of Communications and Information Sciences at the University of Alabama, where she also earned her undergraduate degree. Her research interests include community journalism, media history and public relations. Dr. Garfrerick also has 20 years of industry experience in print journalism and public relations, which included a five-year stint as a reporter at a small daily newspaper in northwest Alabama.

Research Interests

  • journalism history, community journalism public relations history


  •   Communication and Info Sciences (PhD)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Journalism (MA)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Communication (AB)
    The University of Alabama

Selected Intellectual Contributions