Krystin Gollihue

Assistant Professor

       Krystin Gollihue


Dr. Krystin Gollihue teaches multimodal writing, composition and rhetoric, and technical writing courses. Their research focus is in multimodal and technical communication and cultural rhetorics. They study the communication and making practices of farmers and rural communities in the Southeast and look at how these practices solve problems that go unsolved by institutions of power.

Research Interests

  • technical writing, multimodal composition, design thinking, cultural rhetorics, digital rhetoric


  •   Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (PhD)
    North Carolina State University
  •   Creative Writing (MFA)
    The University of Alabama
  •   English Language and Literature (BA)
    The University of Chicago

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Robin Behn and Krystin N. Gollihue. 2021. Realism: Tips from Tom Wolfe and Flannery O'Connor. Once Upon a Time in the 21st Century: Unexpected Exercises in Creative Writing.
  • Robin Behn, Tasha Coryell, Freya Gibbon, Molly Goldman, Krystin N. Gollihue, Jess E. Jelsma, Matt Jones, Meredith Noseworthy, Steve, Sally Rodgers, and Bethany Startin. 2021. Things That Go Bump in the Night: Reappropriating Stock Vampires, Witches, Zombies, and Other Creatures for a Twenty-First Century Scare. Once Upon a Time in the 21st Century: Unexpected Exercises in Creative Writing.
  • Krystin N. Gollihue and Mai Nou Xiong-Gum. 2020. Dataweaving: Textiles as data materialization.
  • Krystin N. Gollihue, Chen Chen, Kristopher Purzyski, and Lydia Wilkes. 2019. Interweave: The Virtual Places of Rural Space.
  • Krystin N. Gollihue. 2019. Re-making the makerspace: Bodies, power, and identity in critical making practices.
  • Helen Burgess, Krystin N. Gollihue, and Stacey Pigg. 2019. The fates of things.
  • Krystin N. Gollihue, Abigail Browning, Loes Bogers, and Letizia Chiappini. 2019. Towards a feminist critical making. Critical Makers Reader.
  • Krystin N. Gollihue. 2018. T0UCH1NG N01SE: Toward a corporeal topography.
  • Krystin N. Gollihue. 2017. Becoming sensate: New approaches to observing play.