I began my nursing journey in 1996 when I obtained an Associates Degree in Nursing and worked as a staff nurse and charge nurse in a hospital based medical/surgical unit. I gained valuable nursing experience and transferred to labor and delivery where I worked my way up the professional ladder going from staff nurse to Coordinator of Women's services where I was responsible for the discharge education of patients, education of staff, and teaching prenatal classes for the community. From there I grew to managing Women's Services. The management area I covered included pediatrics, labor and delivery, two operating rooms, recovery room, obstetrical triage, and postpartum. During my tenure in Women's Services, I was selected to become a clinical supervisor for Level 3 Maternal Child students and then was selected to be a clinical supervisor for Level 4 Leadership students. I served as a clinical supervisor for 6 years before becoming the Clinical Coordinator of Nursing Simulation and Technology for the Anderson College of Nursing. I served in simulation for 2.5 years then was selected for a faculty position with the Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professionals.

During my professional growth I furthered my education as well. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2007 then obtained my Master of Nursing in 2018.

Research Interests

  • Women&apos
  • s Health, Maternity, Neonatal, Nursing Simulation


  •   Nursing (MSN)
    University of North Alabama
  •   Nursing (BSN)
    Regis University

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Wendy A. Darby, Melissa G. DeFoor, Neysa L. Brown, and Tera R. Kirkman. 2021. Evaluating Leadership Behaviors and Patient Safety Competencies During a Timed Multiple Patient Simulation. Nursing Education Perspectives
  • Margaret H. Bergeron, Wendy A. Darby, Melissa G. DeFoor, and Neysa L. Brown. 2020. Escape Room Relay Race: "Go for the Gold" in Formative Assessment. Journal of Nursing Education
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