•   Communication Studies (PhD)
    University of Georgia
  •   Speech Communication (MA)
    University of Georgia
  •   Communication Studies (BA)
    Samford University

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Timothy R. Worley, Esther Liu, and Rachel Vanderbilt. 2021. Initial goals, goal trajectories, and changes in perceived resolvability during serial arguments.. Personal Relationships
  • Timothy R. Worley and Madison Mucci-Ferris. 2021. Parent–student relational turbulence, support processes, and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
  • Timothy R. Worley, James Price Dillard, and Jennifer A. Samp. 2020. Dynamic goal processes: An agenda for interpersonal communication research.. Annals of the International Communication Association (formerly Communication Yearbook)
  • Timothy R. Worley and Marina R. Shelton. 2020. Work-family conflict, relational turbulence, conflict tactics and marital satisfaction.. Journal of Applied Communication Research
  • Timothy R. Worley and Lindsey S. Aloia. 2019. Associations of taking conflict personally with mental and physical health: An allostatic load perspective.. Southern Communication Journal
  • Timothy R. Worley and Jennifer A. Samp. 2019. Dyadic power, marital status, face concerns, and politeness in the context of relational complaining.. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
  • Lindsey S. Aloia and Timothy R. Worley. 2019. The role of family verbal aggression and taking conflict personally in romantic relationship complaint avoidance.. Communication Studies