Yaschica D. Williams-Jackson

Department Chair; Professor


       Yaschica D. Williams-Jackson


Dr. Yaschica Williams is a professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology and Family Studies. She also serves as coordinator of the departments Family and Community Services Graduate Program. Previous administrative appointments include department chair (2014-2019), interim department chair (2013-2014), and Administrative Leadership Team with the COAS (2017-2018). Dr. Williams is the advisor for the criminology minor and she has taught numerous courses across the sociology curriculum and within the graduate program. She is currently the co-principal investigator on four interdisciplinary research projects with criminal justice, English, nursing, and education faculty. Dr. Williams is the co-author of eight publications, with another under review. She has been the recipient of COAS Professional Development Grants ($4,900) and University Research Grants ($2,053). Dr. Williams has a significant record of community service and has been actively involved in service to her department, college, and university.

Research Interests

  • Inequality, Juvenile Delinquency, Criminology, Methodology, Interpersonal Violence


  •   Sociology: Criminology (PhD)
    Western Michigan University
  •   Criminal Justice (MSCJ)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Criminal Justice (BA)
    The University of Alabama

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Kimberly Lane, Yaschica Williams, Andrea N. Hunt, and Amber L. Paulk. 2020. The Framing of Race: Travon Martin and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Journal of Black Studies
  • Amber Paulk, Jennifer Murray, Andrea Hunt, and Yaschica Williams. 2017. An assessment of campus climate among sexual minority college students. AABRI Research in Higher Education Journal
  • Mark Pettit, Amber Paulk, Yaschica Williams, and Ryan Zayac. 2017. Rape myth acceptance and willingness to intervene: A comparison of Greek-affiliated and non­affiliated college students by gender. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
  • Katie Owens-Murphy, Christopher Purser, and Yaschica Williams. 2017. So we went to prison ....
  • Yaschica Williams. 2016. Vocational Programs for Juveniles.
  • Yaschica Williams. 2013. Review of "The Cycle of Juvenile Justice". Journal of Criminal Justice Education
  • Yaschica Williams and Janine Ralston-Bowers. 2009. Media Images of Wartime Sexual Violence: Ethnic Cleansing in Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia. Women, Violence and the Media: Reading in Feminist Criminology.
  • Jocelyn Steinke, Maria Lapinski, Nikki Crocker, Aletta Zietsman-Thomas, and Yaschica Williams. 2007. Assessing Media Influences on Middle-School Aged Children's Perceptions of Women in Science and Engineering Using Draw-A-Scientist Test (DAST). Science Communication
  • J Steinke, M Lapinski, A Zietsman-Thomas, P Nwulu, N Corker, and Y Williams. 2006. Middle School-Aged Children's Attitudes towards Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology and the Efects of Media Literacy Training. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering