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IMPORTANT Advising Announcement for current and future BIS students:
We are scheduling appointments NOW for Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 academic advising.
Please contact the office at 256.765.5003 to schedule your appointment.
No group advising in this program! 

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree was designed primarily for non-traditional students returning to school and traditional students whose academic needs and occupational plans are not met with a traditional academic major or minor program.  Really, the BIS degree is all about looking at education from a perspective that values its traditions but offers students a new structure to access the best of those traditions.

After all, the world is rapidly changing and education has to change with it or, better yet, direct that change.  Interdisciplinary degree programs have developed in response to new demands from employers that college graduates have diverse "ready-to-work" skills, the ability to think across traditional academic lines during periods of change and excellent communication and people skills.  The BIS degree program stands ready to meet these demands.  We offer students a flexible and individualized path to completion of their Bachelor degree by offering areas of emphasis containing complementary courses from different academic disciplines across all academic colleges.  Our responsiveness to student and employer needs explains in part why UNA's BIS degree program is THE choice for so many adult learners today and for traditional students who need a unique academic program of study.  "Start to Finish" is our motto and we stand ready to assist unique students with their unique needs.

Study, graduate and apply for employment with the confidence that your BIS degree was developed with care around your goals and your interests.  Since its inception in 2010, this fully accredited program has guided over 100 students to graduation.  Approximately 30 BIS students, most over the age of 24, graduated during the Spring 2014 Commencement.  "Start to Finish" is more than a motto, it's our organizational objective.

Why a BIS Degree?

Today's non-traditional student is often motivated to complete a bachelor's degree that complements their current occupation or prospects for advancement within that or a related occupation. Their work experiences have provided them with a skill-set but they may need an educational experience that exposes them to new concepts, applied technologies and practices related to their career trajectory. Additionally, they may seek improvement of important skill-sets such as writing, public speaking, critical thinking, computer programming or improved understanding of group behavior or intergovernmental relations.

Traditional students may also find the BIS degree attractive as they may want to pursue academic studies not currently reflected in a traditional major. They too may need a truly interdisciplinary experience that will better prepare them for a specialized graduate education or a unique entrepreneurial venture.

Consider how UNA's Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree may help you meet your goals for today and tomorrow.  Get started toward your personal finish line.  Call Dr. Craig Robertson to set up a phone consultation or in-office visit.

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