International Eye Photo Competition

Showcase your photography skills by showing how UNA impacts the world! $175 in Lion Loot will be awarded in total prizes.
Prizes will be awarded as follows:
  • 1st Place- $100
  • 2nd Place- $50
  • 3rd Place - $25
Photos must be submitted to Date for submission is TBD during International Education Week.
Submissions must fit in to one of the following categories:
  • A photograph abroad
  • A photograph at an international event or with an international student(s)
  • A  photograph that promotes international culture and creativity
  • A photograph of how UNA students impact the world abroad
* International Students can submit photographs of people, places and things within the United States that are meaningful to them. *
Upon submission, all photographs need to include a description telling what the photograph is, why it’s important and how it showcases UNA’s impact on the world.