Driving in the U.S.

DL sample

If you plan to drive a car in Alabama, you must possess a valid Alabama driver’s license. As a long-term visitor to the US, an International License may be used only until you are able to obtain an Alabama license. It is possible that - if you have a traffic violation or accident - a police officer would not accept your International License. If this happens, you may face additional tickets, fees and court costs.

Alabama requests that we issue a Letter of Good Standing to show that you are in the United States legally and that you are maintaining status. Therefore they will only accept a letter within 30 days of issuance. If you request a Letter of Good Standing, you must apply for a Driver License or State ID within 30 days.

Letter of Good Standing Online Request Form


Letters are automatically ready for pick up the Friday AFTER you make the request. You will NOT be emailed.