Restorative Justice Lab at UNA

The Restorative Justice Lab is a collaborative and interdisciplinary hub for rethinking justice through community-building, mutual aid, and restorative practices that prevent, reduce, and transform harm. Our work is generated from and around prisons in Alabama. 

We currently offer a number of programs in Alabama prison facilities, including the following:

Certificate in Restorative Justice (Limestone CF)

*SACSCOC offsite approval pending

This interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate is delivered through the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program model at Limestone CF and is credit-bearing for all students. Coursework includes six classes that span criminal justice, English, psychology, and sociology. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to contribute to conflict resolution, community-building, and transformative justice movements. You can find our program application here.

photo of participants in Inside Out 2019


RJ 102: Circles (Tutwiler CF)

This series of six workshops is delivered via Zoom in partnership with AIM and is an applied continuation of RJ 101: Principles of Restorative Justice. Participants learn and apply the basics of circle structures while learning about the indigenous history of circle processes. We practice problem-solving, consensus-building, healing, and listening circles through a trauma-informed lens.


Foundations of Reading and Writing Correspondence Course (Limestone CF, Holman CF)

This zero-credit college preparatory class introduces students to the fundamentals of critical reading, thinking, and writing through a series of guided readings, prompts, and exercises over 12 packets. It is designed for a range of learners and includes expository, narrative, and creative writing prompts that can be completed individually or in group settings with guided questions. Each participant also receives a dictionary to support their exploratory, vocabulary-building work in the packets.


The Restorative Justice Lab also supports a number of related projects:

Alabama Death Row Archive (Collier Library, Special Collections, UNA)

This living digital archive contains artifacts– documents, manuscripts, moratorium efforts, photographs, and audio files– related to the policy and practice of capital punishment in Alabama, centering the experiences and voices of people on death row.

Restorative Justice Lab archive photo 


Southern Higher Education in Prison Collective

The Restorative Justice Lab is a proud member of the Southern Higher Education in Prison Collective, a network of organizations dedicated to the post-secondary educational aspirations of incarcerated individuals in the U.S. South.

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