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The Department of Social Work is nationally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and offers the Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) degree. Social work is a challenging and enriching profession that is committed to the advancement of social and economic justice and human well-being.

Graduates are eligible to apply for advanced standing when seeking admission to graduate schools of social work. The B.S.W. graduate qualifies for immediate application to become a licensed professional social worker. The B.S.W. degree equips students to begin professional social work practice in public and private social service agencies at the local, state, and federal levels which provide a variety of services to diverse populations.

Potential areas of employment include family and children’s services, mental health, juvenile court programs, school-based social work, aging programs, healthcare/hospice settings, case management services, rehabilitation services, legal services, corrections, group work, social planning and administration, social research, community development and organization, as well as other emerging opportunities in social work.

The department offers coursework primarily in the classroom with some courses available online. Opportunities for hands-on experience in community service learning settings are provided throughout the curriculum. A supervised field internship in a professional local, state or regional social services agency is required. The official Social Work Student Handbook contains the departmental academic guidelines to acquire the B.S.W. degree. No minor is required for this program. Required General Education courses in Area I-V should be completed prior to enrolling in SW 305 and/or SW 315. All social work courses must be satisfactorily completed (must earn a C or better) in the appropriate sequence before advancing to the next sequence of required major courses. An exit exam is required for graduation.

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