BSW Matriculation

Matriculation is the process through which students are formally admitted into the Department of Social Work’s professional BSW program. During regularly scheduled advisement contacts every semester, the assigned Social Work Faculty Advisor guides each student in selecting required General Education classes, followed by enrollment in the four initial Professional Social Work courses (SW 230, 300, 305, and 315).  The semester following the students are eligible for matriculation.  Students will be given more information about matriculation in SW 316-Human Behavior and Social Environment II: Young Adulthood to Later Life.  Matriculation is a collaborative process between faculty and students, and includes an interview with two designated faculty members.

Matriculation Application

Matriculation Background Disclosure Form

Matriculation Checklist

As part of the matriculation process, students must request two professional letters of reference.  These letters can not be from a family member or personal friend. Professional letters MUST be on letterhead.   Guidelines for what constitutes a professional letter can be found here.