Join the Shoals Shift Movement!

Shoals Shift is a movement that is taking root in the Shoals with the goal of expanding our digital technology cluster and building a Tech Hub. The Shoals Shift movement is linking and leveraging assets in new ways to grow industries such as software, ecommerce internet selling, information technology and industries based on using digital technology.

The Shoals Shift Movement uses Strategic Doing which is a flexible agile process. A core team guides the work through pathfinder teams that are advancing the region’s ability to grow our digital technology cluster which includes:

Advancing the story of our region as a place to live, work, and play if you are involved in the digital technology cluster through a dynamic website.

The Shoals Big Idea Contest held annually in March allows community and students an opportunity to advance ideas that will make the Shoals more prepared for the digital technology industry.

The region’s first digital technology summer student coding camps using Black Rocket curriculum which is taught annually by UNA faculty and graduate assistants on the campus of UNA.

31 participants, 34 judges, 1 keynote speaker and many volunteers made the 2015 Shoals Idea Audition successful. This year 3 business ideas were awarded with first place going to The Ark Labs, a smart water flow devise; second place to Luxe Brand, the world’s most luxurious shoelaces; and third place to Circle Training, a unique dog training aid.”

3 Day Startup is UNA’s student weekend business startup event held annually in the Spring semester. In 2015 30 students, 25 mentors and 6 judges collaborated to launch 5 companies.

The Generator is UNA’s student incubator which opened in Fall 2015 where business and students work together to launch ideas into companies. Over 30 students were accepted into the first group for exploring ways to create ideas for businesses and then how to start a company.

Meetups are a growing way for like-minded people to network and learn from each other. Tech Meetup held monthly on the second Thursday for local techies to meet and discuss their businesses and challenges in an interactive session. Biz Buzz is held monthly on the second Friday at 11:30 as a presentation and feedback session for entrepreneurs to share their experience and challenges. 

Strategic Doing Training held at UNA’s East Campus. Since initiated 25 trained participants are spreading the process of this lean agile strategy.

Collaboratory @ FLPL a media and maker space at the Florence Lauderdale Public Library is open for the community to tinker!

CO.STARTERS, a  nine-week cohort based program that equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights, relationships, and tools needed to turn ideas into action and turn a passion into a sustainable and thriving endeavor. 7 people graduated from the first class!

Mane Capital Fund: is a micro-venture fund established here by the Angel Capital Group, a collection of angels — wealthy investors who provide capital for new businesses in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity — who established partnerships in nine states. This allows startups to gain needed angel funds locally.

The region’s response to the movement is outstanding and the support commendable. New initiatives are in the works that will continue to build on the growing network of people building our digital technology cluster.