Bus Transit & Lion's Lift

Transit System & Alternative Transportation
Our Fixed Routes are supported in shuttles or vans and designed to accommodate commutes for all UNA Commuters, Transits, Residents and Employees in and around campus. Parking on campus can be a challenge. Using the shuttle/van options will reduce the number of cars seeking parking on campus and can reduce the number of tickets for violation of parking regulations.
Leo's Route will run during the Fall and Spring semesters when classes are in session.
Our Fixed Routes and locations are updated each semester.
• Fall Schedule posted by August 1st.
• Spring Schedule posted by December 1st.
Current Bus Schedules can be found at this linkHERE!

To reserve rides to East Campus Culinary Center for Spring 2023, please email transportation@una.edu and request a "Reservation Form" to set up recurring rides for classes via Lion's Lift.


Lion’s Lift
UNA also offers a ride booking service for UNA students for car transportation to or from campus during Fall/Spring semesters when school is in session.
It operates Monday-Thursday, 7 AM – 3 PM and Friday, 7 AM – 1 PM.

1. Must be UNA student,
2. Requested “lift” or transportation must not be available through our Leo's Route schedule,
3. Destination must be within a 3-mile radius of the UNA main campus,
4. 24 hours’ notice of reservation required,
5. Appointments first-come, first-served.

*Requests are one way only. Return rides must be booked separately.

Book a Ride HERE

Other local transportation
• NACOLG Public Transit Services - https://www.nacolg.org/public-transit

• Quad City Taxi, Florence, AL – 256-767-0220
• Trust Taxi Service, Florence, AL – 256-980-8650

Reserving A Bus
(only for UNA affiliated organizations or departments)

*Beginning September 1, 2022, the UNA buses in the Motor Pool will be limited to a 5 mile radius for ALL trips.  The safety of our employees and students is our number one priority and due to the age of the buses, we feel that it is no longer safe for them to travel long distances.  If and when breakdowns occur, we are not staffed 24 hours a day and this would leave personnel stranded for a minimum of 1 hour. 

If your department needs a bus  for distances longer than this, please contact a charter company for a bus.

This change will not affect our daily shuttle routes or Lion’s Lift student services posted online.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach back out to Sandy Osborn at 4274.