New (First-time) Registrants

If you are a NEW incoming UNA student or employee & it is your first time obtaining a permit from UNA’s Parking Portal © 2020, you will need to follow these instructions.

To register your vehicle, you will need:

1 – Your vehicle(s) information (make, type, color, year)

2 - Your license plate number

3 – Your Driver’s License information


You will be able to register for a permit if 1) you have enrolled in at least 1 course, OR- 2) you registered for an upcoming SOAR (Student Orientation, Advisement, Registration) date.


You will be able to register for a permit after completing all paperwork and receiving your employment information. (This process may take a few days to show active in portal)

For Video Registration Tutorial, Please Click Here.

1 - Visit to begin registration.  Click on “Forgot Username or Password”

Registration Step 1 screenshot

2 - You will enter your UNA email address (ex. and click “Send Reminder”
**Please check junk/spam mail**

Registration Step 2 screenshot 

3 - You will receive an email notification to your UNA email account to reset your password.  This will log you into your personal portal to complete your registration for your permit.
*Your student information is already captured from your student record.
*Or login to with your new password.

Registration Step 3 screenshot

4 - Next you will click on the Vehicles tab.
Here you will need to enter the information from your Vehicle Registration.
You may register as many vehicles as needed…HOWEVER… You may only select ONE vehicle as “Active”.  You may change this information by changing your primary vehicle to “Inactive” and select another vehicle on your account as “Active” anytime you change vehicles, so you have the proper registered vehicle on campus.

Registration Step 4 screenshot

5 - Now you are ready to reserve your permit.  Select the “Permit” tab.  Your available permit and parking guidelines will display.  Select this permit and Reserve it.

  • Please Note!  Parking guidelines displayed are determined by you classifications in Banner.  Your parking guidelines could change prior to beginning of semester due to (1) waiting on transfer of credits; (2) waiting on UNA room/hall assignment to be entered/removed.
  • Please RE-check your parking guidelines prior to beginning of semester.

step 6

6 - Picking up your physical permit.

After you have completed all required steps and reserved your permit you may stop by Transportation Services and present your Student ID or Driver’s License for pick up.


All vehicles operated or parked on the UNA campus must be properly registered and display a current UNA permit, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  It is your responsibility to educate yourself on your specific UNA parking regulations and guidelines provided on our website (  You are required to keep your active vehicle information current.