The photos we take

Photos taken by our university photographer are generally for marketing or public relations purposes. In other words, they are taken for specific use by the media or in an official university publication. Take a look at our archive of images.

When? Where? Why?

Every little bit of information helps. The more our photographer knows beforehand – When is the photo shoot? Where? For what purpose? – the better our photographer can prepare and provide you with the best images possible. Your submission of our convenient Photo Shoot Request Form will provide most of this information.

The earlier, the better

The university photographer manages a long list of scheduled photo shoots, with many scheduled weeks in advance. To ensure easy accommodation and adequate preparation time, the photographer requires at least a seven-day courtesy notice before a photo shoot.

Ready to get started?

Simply fill out our convenient Photo Shoot Request Form.

You must keep a copy, as well as turn one in at the time of the photo shoot. The form must be signed and returned to the requestor and UNA to keep on file. Please click here to download the form.

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