Mission and Goals


Our curriculum is focused on preparing well-rounded design professionals with a global perspective. It is our mission to improve quality of life by concentrating on health, safety, and general welfare in the built environment. The interdisciplinary foundation of our undergraduate curriculum prepares students to work with a variety of professionals in the design of residential, non-residential, and institutional projects.


Students will:

  • Exhibit the characteristics of well-rounded design professionals with global perspectives.

  • Implement principles of health, safety, and general welfare in the built environment to improve quality of life.

  • Design interior spaces that serve a wide variety of situations, individuals, and uses.

  • Exhibit an understanding of the principles of sustainability as evidenced in the built environment.

  • Produce construction documents, contract documents, and presentation media to effectively communicate design solutions.

  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate  and collaborate with related professionals in the design of residential and non-residential projects.

The program will:

  • Successfully maintain CIDA and NASAD accreditation.

  • Serve students at a regional institution with a diverse student population.

  • Implement a recruitment program for potential students.

  • Increase the number of students who take the NCIDQ to 20%.

  • Increase the diversity of faculty by recruiting professionals with a variety of experiences and expertise as adjuncts/visiting professors.