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Student Chapter of the America Chemical Society

The Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society (SACS) is a student organization in the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene. This group provides an opportunity for students to get to know more about their field, get to know each other better, and contribute to the UNA community.

Dr. Cameron Gren, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and advisor to SACS said the group introduces students to the America Chemical Society. “Students have the opportunity to build connections through networking and activities with professionals in the field.” Gren said. The ASACS brings guest speakers to their meetings to discuss current chemistry research. “Introducing students to contemporary research through practicing scientists has a strong impact on what students’ view as the future of our field,” said Gren. The group also has speakers discuss where to attend graduate school, how to get accepted to the school of their choice, and how to survive graduate school.

The ASACS is an active group. They participate in the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene’s fall picnic, which is a great way to get to spend informal time with their faculty. The picnic also provides a little fun for the students as well. “The picnic, event tee shirt, and yard games allow students and faculty to bond in a way that cannot be accomplished in the classroom,” said Gren.

The students conduct an outreach event on campus during National Chemistry Week. They’ve made periodic table cookies, gift bags with periodic table, etc. The purpose is to show other students that chemistry can be fun. In April, the group will participate in Earth Day. SACS works with The Center for Sustainability to bring awareness to the UNA community about environmental sustainability. SACS has collaborated with Shoals Earth Month, Inc. (SEMI) as well. For more information about SACS please contact Dr. Cameron Gren at

Department of Military Science Develops Leaders

By Savannah Johnson

The Military Science Department is one of the most unique departments within the College of Arts and Sciences, primarily because it is not just academic. Student-cadets in ROTC are repeatedly placed in conditions and environments designed to challenge them in physical, mental, psychological, social and intellectual ways; often, they are challenged in all these ways at the same time.

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army and Professor of Military Science W. Cochran Pruett said, “Our faculty maintain a close professional mentorship relationship with each of our student-cadets. We do our best to model what good leadership looks like and invest time and energy working with each student-cadet in their leadership development.” He said that student-cadets are required to complete requirements like many pre-professional programs, all the while accomplishing the many things that any college student must. They wake up at five o’clock in the morning to conduct rigorous physical training for one hour before they even arrive to their first class.

There are many unique opportunities within the department. These include ROTC, Ranger Challenge Team, and an independent student organization that supports and determines many student-cadet activities. Each year ROTC hosts many events such as FTX (Field Training Exercise), Welcome Cookout, Veteran’s Day ceremony, ROTC 5K, and Military Ball.

Pruett said UNA’s student-cadets are the best recruiters for ROTC. They look for individuals that demonstrate academic achievement, physical fitness and leadership potential. The US Army is looking for the best and the brightest to be the future leaders of our military.