Dr. Frank Mallonee Inspires Frank Wallace

Who was the professor that influenced you the most?

As former UNA students we tend to remember the friends we made, the parties we attended, and the sporting events we won. However, every now and then a professor will sneak into our lives while in college and have a profound effect on who we become. One such professor is Dr. Frank B. Mallonee. Dr. Malloneeée received his Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degrees in Political Science from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and his doctorate from Emory University. He spent his entire career as a Political Science and History professor at the University of North Alabama. During his time here he was known as a beloved teacher who was passionate about instilling his love of Political Science and History in his students. He was known as an entertaining and spirited lecturer and speaker. Through the inspiration of one of our alumni, Frank Wallace, we can share the legacy. Click the date links below to read and hear the legacy that Dr. Mallonee left.

Frank Wallace's Lecture Notes from Dr. Mallonee's Class

February 10, 1972 

February 11, 1972

February 15, 1972

More Notes from February 1972

Notes from March 1972

Notes from April 1972