Highlighting Mental Health Awareness Month

Summer Mental Health Check-In

Summer break is right around the corner! Even though you won’t feel the same pressure to pull all-nighters or work on assignments, you still have “work” to do. The summer offers you a great opportunity to do all the fun and relaxing things you’ve been putting off for the past months, nonetheless, it is also a perfect time for you to check in on your emotional and mental health. The statistics on college students’ psychological and emotional challenges are somewhat disconcerting and alarming:

  • 30% report signs and symptoms of clinical depression
  • 50% report feeling overwhelmingly anxious
  • 25% report experiencing suicidal ideation
  • 15% report that mental, emotional, or psychological challenges have a negative impact on their function
image stating - It is common for us to have some kind of mental struggles over the course of our life

Watch Out for Signs

Mental Health America has listed out some signs that college students should watch out for:

  • Become more irritated
  • Getting more forgetful than before
  • Avoiding family and friends
  • Withdrawal from activities you used to love
  • Difficulty maintaining attention or concentration
  • Hearing voices recently that no one seems to hear
image stating - if you notice that there is a significant change in your thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that makes it harder for you to function in your day-to-day life, then you should take it seriously

What to Do

Taking action is better than waiting it out if you suspect you are experiencing a mental illness.

  • Do some research about the mental illness you are possibly experiencing.
  • Get a sense of the symptoms of the mental illness.
  • Take a few different mental health screens.
  • Do not label yourself until you get an accurate diagnosis.
  • Talk to someone you trust unconditionally about what you are going through.
  • Keep learning more about mental health.
image stating -mental illness is common, it is always good to take actions earlier, and recovery is possible!

A 31-Day Challenge to Boost Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it has been recognized since 1949 in the United States. Mental well-being is an important aspect of your life, and we invite you to join us for a 31-Day Challenge to celebrate the Month of Mental Health Awareness and boost your mental wellness! Check out the 31-Day Challenge on our Instagram @unainclusion and interact with us.

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Here are 31 tips to boost your mental health this month!

Campus Resources

If you think you might be undergoing a mental health issue, seek professional help. The University of North Alabama provides free and quality counseling services including individual and group counseling. Student Counseling Services helps students develop coping strategies to manage problems that may be affecting health, wellbeing, and/or academic performance. You can find more information and resources at https://www.una.edu/counseling/ and on Instagram @una_scs.