Signature Program

Collegiate badging recognizes students who are improving their knowledge and expertise. UNA College of Business and Technology students can demonstrate to their industry peers, campus colleagues, and professional network the accomplishments and skills earned outside traditional degrees and certifications by earning these digital badges.

Digital badging is a new tool used by many higher education institutions. Badges not only indicate a student's accomplishments, skills, knowledge, or competency as it relates to their collegiate career but offer students the opportunity to display them both on Portfolium and LinkedIn profiles beginning with the fall semester of 2019.



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  • Leadership Badge:

    Complete the following steps to earn (Should be completed in either one semester or academic year)

  • Hold an officer position in a Registered Student Organization. (all COBT Ambassadors and LaGrange Society members qualify without holding specific officer position).

  • Must attend at least one leadership speaker event and submit a reflection paper through Portfolium


    Dean's Leadership Events
  • Must read a prescribed leadership book and write a reflection paper to be submitted through Portfolium. (COBT will offer one or two discussion forums that students pursuing this badge will be encouraged to attend).

    Leadership Digital Badge Book Options
  • Innovation Badge:

    Participate in at least one activity in 3 of the 4 categories listed below (Should be completed in either one semester or academic year)

  • Pitch Competitions: Shoals Idea Audition, Project Founder, Lift Off Shoals or Global CEO Elevator Pitch

  • Innovation Emersion Experiences: Chick-fil-a Innovation Center Trip, CEOGlobal Conference, Chattanooga Startup Week Trip, or Smart Start

  • Generator – CEO Chapter Participation, CEO Chapter Executive Board Position, CEO Chapter Activities Participation and Attend 50% of Chapter Activities

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses: Selecting Innovation & Entrepreneurship as a minor, or Enroll in Innovation Engineering courses

  • Experiential Learning Badge:

    Complete at least 3 of the following activities (can be completed over entire time of study in COB)

  • Participate in at least one internship or study abroad program. A part-time job related to the student’s major can substitute for an internship if equivalent in hours worked.

  • Compete in at least one business-related competition. (Sales Center, Phi Beta Lambda, TVA Investment Challenge, etc.)

  • Present at least one research paper/poster at a conference or UNA research event.

  • Complete an Institute Fellowship through the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development.