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UNA has a thriving fraternity and sorority community, with over 20 active chapters and several interest groups.  Learn more about our chapters below.
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College Panhellenic Council

Alpha Delta Pi sorority members gather on bid day in retro themed attire.

Alpha Delta Pi is the first secret society for college women. It was founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. The original name for the sorority was the "Adelphean Society." Adelphean is derived from the Greek word meaning "sister". On February 17th, 1973 the Zeta Eta chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was established at The University of North Alabama in Florence, Alabama. Alpha Delta Pi prides itself in living our open motto, “We Live for Each Other”, signifying the loyalty to our sisterhood. At Zeta Eta, we strive to encompass all types of young and ambitious women. Our sisterhood is strengthened by our diversity, and we pride ourselves on accepting and welcoming everyone.  

Alpha Delta Pi sorority members hand out beads at the homecoming parade. Nine Alpha Delta Pi sorority members pose in front of the organization's table display at preview day.

Alpha Delta Pi, Zeta Eta

Nickname: ADPi
Founded: May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College (Macon, Georgia)
Chartered: February 17, 1973
Colors: Azure Blue and White
Flower: Woodland Violet
Mascot: "Alphie", the Lion
Jewel: Diamond
Motto: We Live for Each Other
Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House Charities/Alpha Delta Pi Foundation - $2,643.72 raised in Fall 2018 and $599.43 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 1,347 service hours completed in Fall 2018 and 1,126 service hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors:  Finance Excellence 2018, Ronald McDonald House Charities: Chapter of the Year
Annual Campus Events: Picnic with the Pi’s, Pencil Dip, Diamond Spritzers 
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.190

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Melanie Brown, President 

Photograph of student Melanie Brown

Women in white Alpha Gamma Delta shirts on bid day at the amphitheater posed holding their hands to form the sign of their sorority.

Alpha Gamma Delta is an international women’s fraternity that promotes academic excellence, philanthropic giving, and ongoing leadership and personal development and above all, a spirit of loving sisterhood. Guided by our Purpose, Alpha Gamma Deltas strive to attain a higher standard, thereby improving their lives, the lives of those around them, and the community in which we live. Together, we continually work to: Inspire the Woman. Impact the World. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded on May 30, 1904 and the Gamma Psi Chapter was chartered on April 17, 1977. As Alpha Gamma Delta women we strive to “Live With Purpose” daily. 

Alpha Gamma Delta members in dresses, holding hands, smiling.  Alpha Gamma Delta member dressed in white dresses, holding red roses and smiling.

Alpha Gamma Delta, Gamma Psi
Nickname: Alpha Gam
Founded: May 30th, 1904 at Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York)
Chartered: April 17, 1977
Colors: Red, Buff, and Green
Flower: Red and Buff Rose, Asparagus Fern
Mascot: Squirrel
Jewel: Pearl
Motto: Loving. Leading. Lasting.
Philanthropy: Fighting Hunger - $3,815.00 raised in Fall 2018 and $8,851 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 1,038 service hours completed in Fall 2018 and 983 service hours completed in Spring 2019
Awards & Honors: Daniel R. Leasure Sorority/Fraternity Chapter of the Year (2019), Top Fundraisng Participant for Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation (2019), 1st Place Homecoming Pep Rally (2018), Overall Step Sing Champions (2019)
Annual Campus Events: Alpha Gam 5K, Kickball Tournament
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.452
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Rachel Hill, President 
Photograph of student Rachel Hill
Large group of Phi Mu members in matching pink shirts.
Founded in 1852 at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, Phi Mu is the second oldest American sorority.  Phi Mu has provided social opportunities, a support network, and personal enrichment resources to members for over 160 years.  The Theta Alpha Chapter of Phi Mu strives to have a positive impact on our campus, in our community, and in promoting our philanthropy, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.  Our members are committed to excellence both personally and academically, and we live by our values: Love, Honor, and Truth.  Headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia, Phi Mu continues to prosper through collegiate and alumnae members.  
About 30 members of Phi Mu members pose in matching light blue shirts before a recruitment event. Members of Phi Mu executive committee in black sitting at the amphitheater.
Phi Mu, Theta Alpha
Nickname: Phi Mu
Founded: March 4, 1852 at Wesleyan Female College (Macon, Georgia)
Chartered: March 24. 1973
Colors: Rose and White
Flower: Rose-Colored Carnation
Mascot: "Sir Fidel", the Lion
Motto: Love, Honor, Truth
Philanthropy: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals - $2,934.63 raised in Fall 2018 and $4,230 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 1,467.5 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 1,240 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors:  Phi Mu Fraternity (July 2018): Recruitment Quota Award, Panhellenic Award, Foundation Recognition of 100% Participation, Fraternity Academic Honor Roll Award 
Annual Campus Events: Casino Night
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.363
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Olivia Thomas, President 
Photograph of student Olivia Thomas
Large group of Zeta Tau Alpha members in matching teal tank tops gather at the amphitheater for a group photo on Bid Day

The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is the intensifying of friendship, the fostering of a spirit of love, the creating of such sentiments, the performing of such deeds, and the molding of such opinions as will be conducive to the building up of a purer and nobler womanhood in the world. The mission statement is: “To make a difference in the lives of our members by developing the potential of each individual through innovative programming, which emphasizes leadership development, service to others, academic achievement and continued personal growth for women, with a commitment to friendship and the future based on the sisterhood, values and traditions of the past.” Zeta Tau Alpha has been “Seeking the Noblest” since October 15, 1898.

Twelve Zeta Tau Alpha members at Pink Out football game with pink balloons to raise awareness for breast cancer. Large group of Zeta Tau Alpha members in denim shirts, jeans, and work boots pose on stage after performing in the University's step sing competition.
Zeta Tau Alpha, Eta Rho
Nickname: Zeta
Founded: October 15, 1898 at State Female Normal School, now Longwood University (Farmville, Virginia)
Chartered: March 3, 1973
Colors: Turquoise Blue & Steel Grey
Flower: White Violet
Symbol: Crown, Strawberry
Motto: Seek the Noblest
Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Education and Awareness  - $15,676.10 raised in Fall 2018 and $3,3123.94 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 857 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 335 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors: Founders Club Award, Crown Chapter Award, Activities Silver Award, 2018 Women's Step Sing Champion
Annual Campus Events: Pink Week, Pink Out Games, Pancake Breakfast
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.243
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Abbey Dewberry, President
Photograph of student Abbey Dewberry

Independent Greek Council

Members of Alpha Delta Chi pose for a group photo in front of the fountain
The founding chapter of Alpha Delta Chi was started at the University of California at Los Angeles in 1925. Their vision was to create a place where Christian women could participate in Greek life without compromising their beliefs, build strong friendships, and most of all, they wanted to create a place which would mirror Christ's love to their community. The sorority was originally named Areta, which means virtue. The sorority's purpose is to provide fellowship for Christian college women, to strengthen the spiritual lives of its members, and to be a testimony for Christ on each campus.
Alpha Delta Chi came to the attention of Katherine (Katie) Rolf after researching information about the Christian sisterhood on the internet. In the spring of 2005, Katie arranged a meeting where many women at the University of North Alabama came together with the desire to have a Christian sisterhood. From the large group that expressed interest, 9 committed women kept in contact with the National Board and constructed by-laws while participating in service activities and growing in their friendships. The Psi Chapter of Alpha Delta Chi was established in December 2006 on the University of North Alabama campus in Florence, Alabama.
Members of Alpha Delta Chi in front of large letters throwing the organization sign with their hands.  Members of Alpha Delta Chi pose at the park
Alpha Delt Chi, Psi
Nickname: ADChi
Founded: in 1925 at the University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)
Chartered: December 2006
Colors: Flame Red & Blue
Flower: Gladiolus & Delphinium
Mascot: Lambs
Jewel: Pearl
Motto: As in a Mirror
Awards & Honors: 
Service: 0 service hours completed in Fall 2018 and 269.50 service hours completed in Spring 2019
Annual Campus Events: 
Devo Retreat, Family Day, Sisters Lunch
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.451
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Dani Whisonant, President 
Crest of Alpha Mu Lambda featuring their Greek Letters, a harp, and a red phoenix.
The brotherhood of Alpha Mu Lambda is a non-profit, professional music fraternity dedicated to providing service for community music organizations and programs. This includes, but is not limited to, providing service and financial aid to area band programs, local independent musicians, or any other music organization. We pride ourselves on being contributors to the development of music and related activities in Florence and the rest of the quad-city area. Our brotherhood is a Greek organization on the University of North Alabama campus servicing students and community members alike.
AML members in matching red shirts smiling in line together Members of AML smile together at SkyZone.
Alpha Mu Lambda, Alpha Chapter
Nickname: AML
Founded: April 1, 2005 at the University of North Alabama (Florence, Alabama)
Chartered: April 1, 2005
Mission Statement: It is the purpose of Alpha Mu Lambda Fraternity to bring together men who share a love of music and its related activities, and to cultivate a bond of brotherhood through dedicated service for the continuation of our art.
Philanthropy: Adopt-a-Band - $750 raised in Fall 2018 and $500 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 20 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 20 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors: 
Annual Campus Events: Phoneix Festival, Bake Sale
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.032
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Adam Herford, President 
White man with light brown hair and beard, wearing navy shirt, smiling-Adam Herford.
Omega Phi Chi
Omega Phi Chi is a multicultural sorority that was founded on November 9, 1988 at Rutgers University New Brunswick in New Jersey by eight women of Asian, African-American, and Latina descent. Our eight founding mothers were an active group of young women leaders who felt the absence of any organization on the Rutgers campus that spoke to their needs across diverse backgrounds, distinct cultural roots and a commitment to womanhood. Omega Phi Chi dared to be different. They came together to found a multicultural sorority, a different type of organization, that would not be categorized by ethnicity or culture. As the Premier Organization for Young Women Leaders we strive to embody our core values of academic achievement, leadership, integrity, professionalism, and service. We feel strongly that empowerment of all women can be achieved by living these values and we encourage each other to strive towards becoming our most successful selves.
A group of diverse women in pink dresses gathered together, smiling.  Women stand in front of an Omega Phi Chi banner in black outfits with pink cardigans on.
Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. 
Nickname:The Omegas, OPC, Panther Ladies
Founded: November 9, 1988 at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey)
Colors: Perfect Pink and Onyx Black
Flower: Lady's Pink Slipper (aka Moccasin)
Mascot/Symbol: Black Panther
Stone: Black Onyx
Motto: Destroying all Boundaries. Uniting All Races. Omega Phi Chi. We Date to be Different! Preserving the Past. Cultivating the Present. Building the Future. Omega Phi Chi. We Date to be Different!
Philanthropy: Omega Phi Chi Community Advocates Responsible for Educating and Serving (OPC C.A.R.E.S.)
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Natalie Tapia, National Director for Expansion
Phi Mu Alpha
The Pi Omicron chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity was charted on November 13, 2004 as an extension to the ideals of Brotherhood in Music. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia was founded on October 6, 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. The founder Ossian Everett Mills felt that an organization needed to be formed to show the dedication of men of the highest type, those men being men of music. This Fraternity was formed to express the power of music and brotherhood of musical men. Men who come through this fraternity understand the true meaning of brotherhood, service to others, and dedication to one's self. 
"The Object of this Fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the Alma Mater."
Phi Mu Alpha Phi Mu Alpha
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Pi Omicron
Founded: October 6, 1898 at the New England Conservatory of Music (Boston, Massachusetts)
Chartered: November 13, 2004
Colors: Red, Black, and Gold
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Mascot: The Mystic Cat
Motto: Brotherhood in Music
Philanthropy: Ossian Everett Mills Music Mission 
Service: 0 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 0 hours completed in Spring 2019
Awards & Honors: Florence Cambell Johnson Scholarship Award
Annual Campus Events: American Music Program, Local Mills Music Mission
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.246
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Addison Willmon, President 
Man in blue shirt smiling (Addison Willmon)
Sigma Alpha Iota
Sigma Alpha Iota is an organization which promotes interaction among those who share a commitment to music. Members of SAI are active in all areas of campus music and campus life, working closely with faculty, administration, campus and community groups, music professionals and patrons. In addition to personal encouragement and support, members may receive scholarships, loans and awards in many areas and at all levels of music-related study. Sigma Alpha Iota has long been recognized as a leader in the field of music and provides a lifetime of fraternity contact.
Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota
Sigma Alpha Iota, Lambda Psi
Founded: June 12, 1903 at the University of Michigan (Anna Arbor, Michigan)
Chartered: November 18, 2011
Colors: Red and White
Flower: Red Rose
Mascot: Panpipes
Purpose: To form chapters of women college students and alumnae who have a sincere interest in music; To uphold the highest standards of music; To uphold the development of music in America and throughout the world; to give inspiration and encouragement to members; to organize the cultural life of Sigma Alpha Iota members as a contributing factor to their educational growth; To support the ideals and goals of the member's Alma Mater; To adhere to the highest standards of citizenship in school, community and fraternity life.
Philanthropy: Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies, Inc. - $0 raised in Fall 2018 and $200 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 0 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 0 hours completed in Spring 20189
Awards & Honors: 
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.042
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Sara-Anne Ruth, President

White woman with long brown hair in glasses, wearing a black blouse, smiling- Sara-Anne Ruth

Interfraternity Council

In addition to the chapters listed below, the Interfraternity Council will welcome Alpha Sigma Phi to UNA in Fall 2021 and Kappa Alpha Order to UNA in Spring 2023.

Alpha Tau Omega
The Theta Eta Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega is dedicated to shaping men into leaders since 1865. Alpha Tau Omega is an American Leadership Development Fraternity that focuses on serving the community, the importance of academics, and developing skills that shape our men into leaders. Founded in 1972 the Theta Eta Chapter strives to serve the community and UNA through leadership and building relationships. Headquarter in Indianapolis, IN, The Alpha Tau Omega National Fraternity is recognized as one of the top national fraternities consistently.
Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega
Alpha Tau Omega, Theta Eta
Nickname: ATO
Founded: September 11, 1865 at Virginia Military Institute (Lexington, Virginia)
Chartered: January 30, 1974
Colors: Azure Blue and Old Gold
Flower: White Tea Rose
Philanthropy: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - $0 raised in Fall 2018 and $1,307 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 0 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 614 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors: 2018 Step Sing Overall Champion
Annual Campus Events: Caffeine High, Cold for Coats, Eggerator, Gator Bash
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.197
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Austin Knight, President 
Photograph of student Austin Knight
Delta Chi

Delta Chi values Friendship, Character, Justice, and Education. Through Friendship Delta Chi builds an unbreakable bond that is established to and through each member that lasts a lifetime. Through Character, Delta Chi helps build each other up by completing community service, being involved in other organizations, and working diligently, to be the man you want to brand yourself as. Starting as a law fraternity at Cornell University in 1890, Delta Chi prides themselves in doing what is just and right, and challenging themselves to complete tasks, with their brothers that they never thought possible. Excellence through scholarship; Delta Chi strives and works hard to have a great GPA. Delta Chi looks for men that care about their well-being and truly look for success and not only their lives but others as well. 

Delta Chi Delta Chi
Delta Chi, North Alabama
Nickname: DChi
Founded: October 13, 1890 at Cornell University (Ithaca, New York)
Chartered: September 25, 2010
Colors: Red and Buff
Flower: White Carnation
Mascot: Knight Errant
Motto: Leges
Philanthropy: The V Foundation for Cancer Research - $0 raised in Fall 2018 and $1,500 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 0 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 256 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors: 2018 Fraternity Man of the Year: Scott Griffin, Outstanding IFC Risk Management (December 2018), Excellence in Scholarship (August 2018), Excellence in Campus Involvement (August 2018), IFC Chili Cook Off-1st Place (2019)
Annual Campus Events: Founder's Day, Alumni Day, Family Day
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.979
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Madison Ball, President 
 Photograph of student Madison Ball
Kappa Sigma

A Group of Diligent men committed to installing Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service into the community.

Kappa Sigma Delta Chi
Kappa Sigma, Lambda Omicron
Nickname: Kappa Sig
Founded: December 10, 1869 at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)
Chartered: May 4, 1974
Colors: Scarlet, White, Emerald Green
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Symbol: Star and Crescent
Philanthropy: Military Heroes Campaign  - $55 raised in Fall 2018 and $400 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 25 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 70 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors: 100% Ritual Proficiency, Chapter Academic Excellence
Annual Campus Events: Puppy Palooza, South Seas, Bahama Mama, Drive One
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.478
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Chris Foster, President 
Photograph of student Chris Foster
Lambda Sigma Phi
Lambda Sigma Phi is a brotherhood of Christian men who strive to shine a light for Christ in the Greek community and on campus at UNA. The brothers of Lambda Sig are called upon to uphold the high standards set by the founders and the brothers that came before them. We pride ourselves in our academic excellence and push ourselves to reach new heights, in and outside of the classroom. Lambda Sig enjoys the social aspect of Greek life with mixers, date parties, formals, intramural sports, volunteering, and our annual Fall Worship Night event. We also hold each other accountable through bonding with each other and growing in our walk with God through our weekly bible study. 
Men in orange vests and blue hats gathered on stage during step sing performance, themed  Men in a line, smiling at camera, outside in a field in front of the woods.
Lambda Sigma Phi, Alpha Chapter
Nickname: Lambda Sig
Founded: August 9, 2000 at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
Chartered: April 22, 2017
Colors: Navy Blue, Red, and Gold
Mascot: Lion
Motto: Love the Brotherhood. Serve Others. Praise the King.
Philanthropy: Loaves and Fishes Foodbank - $521 raised in Fall 2018 and $672.50 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 100 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 44 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors: Men's Step Sing Runner Up (2018), Homecoming Overall Champion (2018), IFC Outstanding New Member Retention (December 2018), IFC Tailgate Cookoff Champion (2018)
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.220
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Brody Knight, President 
 Photograph of student Brody Knight
Phi Gamma Delta

Phi Gamma Delta is not merely a fraternity; Phi Gamma Delta is a group of young men bonded together through brotherhood. The fraternity offers young men an opportunity to meet new people, excel academically, and share personal growth. Phi Gamma Delta strives to build friendship based on brotherhood. This friendship rises above any social or intellectual differences that members may have, and exemplifies the meaning of the word "brotherhood."

Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta
Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Upsilon
Nickname: Fiji
Founded: May 1, 1848 at Jefferson College (Washington, Pennsylvania)
Chartered: March 23, 1974
Color: Royal Purple
Flower: Purple Clematis
Mascot: "Gamma" the Snowy White Owl
Principles: Friendship, Knowledge, Service, Morality & Excellence
Philanthropy: United Service Organizations (USO) - $1,000 raised in Fall 2018 and $500 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 410 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 320 hours completed in Spring 2019
Awards & Honors: Phi Gamma Delta HQ Outstanding New Member Retention, Phi Gamma Delta HQ Chapter Improvement Award
Annual Campus Events: Pig Dinner, Fiji Island, Mustachio Bachio, Kilby Easter Egg Hunt
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.640
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Ben Bertling, President
Photograph of student Ben Bertling

Men gathered around, posed in the front of the Pi Kappa Alpha house.

The Theta Alpha chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha challenges our members to be pillars of integrity and beacons of success on campus and within the community. Pikes experience what it means to be involved and responsible individuals who promote community service, active campus involvement, excellence in athletics and high standards of academic achievement. Pike is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, success, and high moral character, and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.

Fraternity members posed on a fire truck out front of the Pi Kappa Alpha house. Men in swim trunks on a beach holding a red flag that says Pi Kappa Alpha in greek letters.
Pi Kappa Alpha, Theta Alpha
Nickname: PIKE
Founded: March 1, 1868 at University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)
Chartered: March 30, 1974
Colors: Garnet and Gold
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Jewel: Diamond
Philanthropy: The Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life  - $0 raised in Fall 2018 and $250 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 0 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 52 hours completed in Spring 2019
Awards & Honors: International Work Day Award
Annual Campus Events: Founder's Day, Pike's Peak
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.604
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Will McMurtrey, President  
Gold phoenix with wings spread on top of the words Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon is the one of the premier leadership and professional development fraternities in the country and among the largest with over 330,000 initiated members since 1856. SAE seeks out individuals that strive to Rise Above the call of a normal college student and live our creed, The True Gentleman, in all areas of their lives. Our chapter is guided by our mission which is to promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for our members.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alabama Nu
Nickname: SAE
Founded: March 9, 1856 at the University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)
Chartered: February 11, 1989
Colors: Old Gold and Royal Purple
Flower: Violet
Mascot: Lion
Mission: To promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership and service for our members throughout life.
Philanthropy: Children's Miracle Network 

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The brothers of sigma chi stand outside their house with a representative from Safe Place, presneting the charity with a $15,000 check from the fraternity's derby days competition.

Sigma Chi is a brotherhood with roots in the collegiate experience that engenders a lifelong commitment to strive to achieve true friendship, equal justice and the fulfillment of learning as part of our overall responsibilities to the broader communities in which we live.

We achieve these ideals through the practice of character qualities embodied in our Ritual, and continuously reaffirm our purpose through the observance of Sigma Chi’s Governing Laws and through adherence to the decisions of our legislative assemblies, which empower and direct our leadership. 

Sigma Chi Sigma Chi
Sigma Chi, Eta Rho
Nickname: Sigs, Sig Chi
Founded: June 28, 1855 at Miami University (Oxford, Ohio)
Chartered: April 20, 1974
Colors: Blue and Old Gold
Flower: White Rose
Motto: In Hoc Signo Vinces ("In This Sign You Shall Conquer")
Philanthropy: Huntsman Cancer Institute and Children's Miracle Network - $0 raised in Fall 2018 and $15,000 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 0 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 212 hours completed in Spring 2019
Awards & Honors: Peterson Outstanding Chapter Award
Annual Campus Events: Derby Days, Halloween Pumpkin Carving
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.779
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Zachary Perkins, President
Tau Kappa Epsilon

Tau Kappa Epsilon, a men's fraternity built on the principles of Love, Charity and Esteem, was founded on January 10, 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University. Currently there are more than 250 active chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada.

Tau Kappa Epsilon, Colony 755
Nickname: TKE, Teke
Founded: January 10, 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University (Bloomington, Illinois)
Chartered: N/A Current Colony
Colors: Cherry Red and Battleship Grey
Flower: Red Carnation
Motto: "Better men for a better world"
Cardinal Principles: Love, Charity, Esteem
Philanthropy: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital - $0 raised in Fall 2018 and $112 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 13 hours completed in Fall 2018  and 56 hours completed in Spring 2019
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 1.803

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William Graves, President

National Pan-Hellenic Council

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA) is an international service organization that was founded on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. in 1908. It is the oldest Greek-lettered organization established by African-American college-educated women.

The Nu Omicron chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was chartered on the University of North Alabama campus on December 7, 1980 by 14 pearls.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Nu Omicron
Nickname: AKA
Founded: January 15, 1908 at Howard University (Washington, D.C.)
Chartered: December 7, 1980
Colors: Salmon Pink & Apple Green
Flower: Pink Tea Rose
National Programs: Breast Cancer Awareness, Pink Goes Red 
Service: 101 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 78 hours completed in Spring 2019
Annual Campus Events: Backpack & School Supply Drive, Community Impact Day, Martin Luther King Service Day, Seasonal Wraps Drive, Stop Childhood Hunger, Water Supply Drive, Mr. Ivy League Scholarship Pageant, Autoimmune Disease Drive, NAMI Christmas Project
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.907
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Kayla Jones President  
 Woman wearing black shirt and pearl necklace, smiling (Kayla Jones)
Alpha Phi Alpha
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. was founded Tuesday, December 4th 1906 on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York by the 7 great men which are known as the Alpha Jewels. Alpha Phi Alpha's Mission is to develops leaders, promote brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities. The objectives of this fraternity shall be: to stimulate the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual; to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood; and to aid downtrodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status. We focus on this by following our aims which are manly deeds, scholarship, and love for all mankind!
Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Phi Alpha
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Kappa Gamma
Nickname: Alphas
Founded: December 4, 1906 at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
Chartered: January 17, 1975
Colors: Black & Old Gold
Flower: Yellow Rose
Mascot: Sphinx
Motto: First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All
National Programs: Brother's Keeper, A Voteless People is a Hopeless People, Go-to-High School Go-to-College, Project Alpha
Philanthropy: $500 raised in Fall 2018 and $300 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 22 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 12 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors:  
Annual Campus Events: March of Dimes Drive, Ms. Black & Gold Pageant, Stroll Like An Alpha, ALPHAdemics, Alpha Week, Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast, Alpha Ball Awards Banquet & Dance
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.088
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Rikki Clark, President
Rikki Clark
A group of women in white shirts that have Xi Phi written on them.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is an organization of college educated women committed to the constructive development of its members and to public service with a primary focus on the Black community. 
A group of women gathered in a group wearing white dresses.  A group of women in a line, standing on one leg, in masks, with Xi Phi shirts on.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Xi Phi
Nickname: Deltas 
Founded: January 13, 1913 at Howard University (Washington, D.C.)
Chartered: April 12, 1980
Colors: Crimson and Cream
Flower: African Violet
Motto: Intelligence is the Torch of Wisdom
International Programs: Financial Fortitude, Delta Academy, EMBODI, Delta House
Annual Campus Events: Delta Week
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 3.207
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Kimeya Johnson, President 
 Black woman with long black hair wearing black rimmed glasses, smiling- Kimeya Johnson
Kappa Alpha Psi
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated was founded on January 5, 1911 at Indiana University. The fraternity has never limited membership based on color, creed, or national origin. The fraternity currently has over 150,000 members with 721 undergraduate and alumni chapters in every state of the United States, and international chapters in the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Japan, Nigeria, and South Africa. 
Kappa Alpha Psi Kappa Alpha Psi
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Theta Upsilon
Nickname: Kappas
Founded: January 5, 1911 at Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
Chartered: October 10, 1976
Colors: Crimson and Cream
Flower: Red Carnation
Symbol: Diamond
Motto: Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor
International Programs: Guide Right, Diamonds in the Rough, Kappa League, Healthy Kappas Healthy Communities, Kappa Kamp, Undergraduate Leadership Institute 
Service: 15 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 0 hours completed in Spring 2019

Awards & Honors: Stroll Off Champions (2018), Fraternity Man of the Year-Grant Gunn (2019)
Annual Campus Events: Kappa Week
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.509
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Malik Emmett, President 
Photograph of student Malik Emmett.

Zeta Phi Beta
Since its inception, Zeta has continued its steady climb into the national spotlight with programs designed to demonstrate concern for the human condition both nationally and internationally.  The organization has been innovative in that it has chronicled a number of firsts.  It was the first National Pan-Hellenic Council organization to centralize its operations in a national headquarters, first to charter a chapter in Africa, first to form auxiliary groups, and first to be constitutionally bound to a fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.   The sorority takes pride in its continued participation in transforming communities through volunteer services from members and its auxiliaries.  Zeta Phi Beta has chartered hundreds of chapters worldwide and has a membership of 100,000+.
Zeta Phi Beta Zeta Phi Beta
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Alpha Sigma Chapter
Nickname: ZPhiB, Zetas
Founded: January 16, 1920 at Howard University (Washington, D.C.)
Chartered: November 22, 2003
Colors: Royal Blue and White
Flower: White Rose
Symbol: Dove
Jewel: Pearl
Motto: Scholarship, Service, Sisterhood, and Finer Womanhood
Philanthropy: March of Dimes - $120 raised in Fall 2018 and $98.83 raised in Spring 2019
Service: 25 hours completed in Fall 2018 and 15 hours completed in Spring 2019
Awards & Honors: 2018 Daniel Leisure Award, ZHOPE: National 3rd place, Regional 1st place, State 1st place
Spring 2019 Chapter Average Term GPA: 2.554
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Tycoria Johnson, President 
 Tycoria Johnson
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. is no longer recognized at the University of North Alabama. The chapter has been placed on University suspension until 2022. 
  • Good Standing: Organization is active and recognized on campus with no restrictions (Organizations are in good standing, unless otherwise noted beside the chapter name)
    • Interest Group: Organization is not yet chartered on campus, however, the organization is in the process of establishing at UNA. Interest groups listed below are active and recognized with no restrictions (unless otherwise noted). 
    • Colony: Organization is not yet chartered through their inter/national headquarters, however, the organization is in the process of becoming a chartered organization. Colonies are listed below and are active and recognized with no restrictions (unless otherwise noted). 
  • Inactive: Organization is not active on campus, however, they are recognized and there are no restrictions (this is often due to all members graduating and the organization having no undergraduate members)
  • Poor Standing: Organization is still recognized and active on campus, but failed to meet University or Council standards (academics, missing documents, late fees/fines, etc.)
  • Probation: Organization is still recognized on campus, but has restrictions (restrictions are dependent on the terms of the probation)
  • Council Suspension:  Organization is still recognized on campus, but has lost voting rights within their governing councils (there may be additional restrictions with council suspension)
  • University Suspension: Organization is not active on campus and is not recognized by the campus (this is also sometimes referred to as loss of University recognition)

All recognized organizations are permitted to recruit without any limitations. Unrecognized organizations are not permitted to recruit, nor host/participate in any campus events.