Event Registration Form

All chapter events will require this Greek Chapter Event Registration Form. A chapter event is:

  1. Any activity announced by the chapter; or
  2. When a member or members of the chapter plan, solicit funds for, or promote the activity; or
  3. Any activity perceived as being an organizational event

All chapter events must be registered via this form one week prior to the event. ALL EVENTS REQUIRING POLICE (AS INDICATED IN THE FSL EVENT POLICIES) MUST BE REGISTERED TWO WEEKS PRIOR.

- indicates required field

(e.g., alumni, family, recruitment, social, service, philanthropy, etc.)
If you are partnering with another chapter or student organization, please list your organization and the other organization(s).
Please be as descriptive as possible.
Please include the theme title and a description of how the theme will be used. If there will not be a theme, simply answer N/A.
Secret events are only events that the chapter does not permit to be known (i.e., some NPHC interest meetings, some chapter ritual, etc). You can have private events (e.g., only open to members) that are not secret (i.e., initiation, retreats, etc).
This must be your UNA email.
Valid files are: JPG, PNG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, and XLSX
If this event is off campus, please include the address.
This question is required for off campus events. Note, if you intend to use UNA busing it is your responsibility to reserve it through Facilitates.

Risk Management teams are required at all social events and events with alcohol. Additionally, officers may be required at social events. Per the event policies, an off-duty police officer shall be present at any chapter event, on-campus or off-campus, where alcohol shall be served or permitted to be consumed. Additionally, a police officer shall be present at all social events without alcohol if there are more than 199 attendees. All police officers must be certified by the State of Alabama.

List the 6 names of the individuals who will serve on the RM team for the event. 2 must be at least 21 years old. 2 must be on the executive board. Please include the ages and offices of those listed. If this is not a social event, you can skip this question.
Please indicate if you will be hiring UNA officers or another state certified police officer. If you select UNA officers, the Office of Student Engagement will coordinate services. If you select otherwise, you are responsible for coordinating services. Officer Requirements are as follows: social events without alcohol: 1-199 attendees: 0 police officers, 200-499 attendees: 2 police officers, 500-999 attendees, 3 police officers, (add one officer per additional 500 attendees) / events with alcohol 1-149 attendees: 2 police officers, 150-249 attendees: 3 police officers, 250-349 attendees: 4 police officers (add one officer per additional 100 attendee)

If this is not an event with alcohol, you can skip this section. If this is an event with alcohol, please answer all questions. Questions left unanswered will result in a denied event.

For BYOB approved events, all attendees are required to bring their own alcohol. This includes members and guests. It is recommended that individuals should not leave with any leftover alcohol. A maximum of six (6), twelve (12) ounce cans/plastic bottles of beer, wine, and malt beverages is permitted per individual. No cases, twelve-packs, or other alcohol containers larger than six 12 oz beers or wine coolers are permitted. At the end of the function, it is recommended that the host organization immediately dispose of the alcohol left by guests. Hard liquor and glass bottles are prohibited at BYOB events.
Wristbands are provided by the Office of Student Engagement to identify those of legal drinking age. You will be able to pick up your wristbands 3 days prior to your event. All unused wristbands must be returned within a week of the event.
Guest lists are due to the officers on duty at the start of your event. Per the Event Policies, there should be no more than 3 guests per member on the chapter roster that is on file with the FSL office.

Please make sure all required fields have been filled out correctly.

Thank you for your submission. To request a copy of your submission, please email with the name of your event. We will forward the submission to you for your records. 

This submission will be reviewed within 72 business hours. The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office is open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.

For events that require president and advisor approval (events with alcohol), this will be forwarded on for their approval. 

Once events are approved, you will receive email confirmation and the event will be added to the FSL calendar available on our website (unless you indicated the event is a secret event).

For events hiring UNA police, the officer names will be sent to you within 48 hours of the event.