Cinematic Arts and Theatre

The UNA Cinematic Arts and Theatre Program supports a rich diversity of creative and technical pursuits in acting, stage design, and digital film production. The dramatic arts have a profound and pervasive effect on culture and film production is an industry with major global significance.

The UNA Cinematic Arts and Theatre program boasts award-winning faculty, with extensive industry experience, who directly mentor the development of each student's distinct creative voice.
Alumni have gone on to have distinguished creative careers throughout the country.

Hear what our alumni are saying about UNA's Theatre program
(June 2016 Theatre Reunion)

The UNA Theatre Program offers aspiring theatre students many opportunities to experience theatre education at its finest. For instance, UNA Theatre provides the possibility for students to direct and design full-length plays on our main stage season, an opportunity rarely available to undergraduate theatre artists. We can do this because we are an undergraduate program that serves the educational needs of only undergraduates, free from the overwhelmingly competitive environment associated with schools containing graduate programs. And our approach to theatre education and training is very successful. Our students are being accepted into top graduate programs and internships and finding professional careers all across the country. But most important, at UNA, our students are not just faces in the crowd — they are active members of our theatrical family. As such, we not only encourage students to participate in the curriculum and performances, we welcome them as valuable assets of UNA's Theatre Program.

The mission of UNA's Theatre Program is comprehensive, yet simply stated:

  • We believe that an effective theatre training curriculum must blend classroom studies with practical and challenging experiences that encourage students to grow in skill and talent.
  • We believe in a curriculum that provides students with a strong base in all major areas of theatre study in preparation for advanced instruction in acting, directing, design/tech, arts management and theory/criticism.
  • We believe in instruction and advisement that will prepare our students for the challenges of graduate and conservatory programs as well as careers in the professional and educational sectors of theatre.
  • We believe our students must be effective communicators -- orally, literally, visually and within a variety of artistic contexts.
  • We believe that a strong résumé must be built upon a classroom and performance environment that exposes students to eclecticism and multiculturalism.
  • We believe that a theatre program not only teaches student artists how to perform but must also enlighten student audience members in the theatrical process to encourage the growth and development of future audiences that will strive to support the art of the live theatre.
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