Anonymous or 3rd Party Reporting

An anonymous report is an unofficial means to inform the University administration that a sexual assault has occurred. It was developed to encourage reporting by students without risk of exposure or being forced to file charges.

Because this is unofficial, the police cannot make an arrest based on this report, but it will provide useful information to the police, and administration regarding the types of assaults that are occurring at the University.

You may file a Third-Party/Anonymous Report whether or not you later file a criminal complaint, or use any of the internal adjudication options at UNA. The report itself is kept on file at the University Police Department.

If you send the report through this web page using the silent witness, however, the information will be sent without identifying headers to the University Police, where a form will be filled out based on the responses you provide.

Important Note Regarding Confidentiality

Although in most cases the information you send will remain anonymous, nothing is ever completely confidential on the internet. Files may be illegally hacked into. In addition, if a criminal or civil case were to be filed, it is theoretically possible for the identity of the sender to be discovered if a subpoena were filed for this record, although, this would be an unusual situation.

If you have any concerns about confidentiality, you may wish to file your Third Party Report by calling Rape Response at 256.765.0025 without identifying yourself.

"Working Together for a Safer Community"