Stalking: For Parents and Partners

Stalking victims often pull away from family members, friends, and partners for fear of their safety. If someone close to you is being stalked, it is important to educate yourself in order to support the victim.

  • Encourage the victim and do not doubt what s/he tells you. Because stalking is much harder to prove than other crimes, the victim may express self-doubt or a loss of a sense of reality.
  • Obtain pictures and/or other information about the stalker from the victim so that you can warn the victim and help keep track of the stalker’s activities
  • Screen all calls and visitors for the victim
  • Do not give away the victim’s personal information
  • Never confront the stalker. This will not help the victim, and may, in fact, increase the danger.
  • Be wary of your own safety. Stalkers often threaten or hurt the victim’s family and friends because they are seen as obstacles.
  • Educate yourself about stalking and its consequence