I Know My Career But Don't Know Which Major to Choose!

Research the CAREER:

  • Choosing a career is a big step! Note that most people don’t stay in the same career for the duration of their lives. Career change is common and expected. The key is finding your starting point.
  • Visit the Career Center and speak to a career counselor that can help you make an informed decision.
  • Once you have narrowed down your career options, you will want to research each option. Start by visiting the Occupational Outlook Handbook at bls.gov. You will be able to find the following information: job requirements, salary, expected job growth, and what degree, certification and licensures are needed.
  • Conduct an information interview by speaking with professionals in the field to find out what major/degree of study he/she pursued.  Ask the individual questions about likes and dislikes of the career field.  Also, check out Candid Career.
  • Visit the University of North Alabama’s website to find a list of current majors. Research the majors offered by reading about them in the University catalog.  Be informed about the courses needed in order to meet degree requirements.
  • Visit the department that houses the major in which you are interested to gather information from faculty members about careers pursued by graduates within that major.