What Can I Do With My Major?

What Can I Do With My Major:

  • Congratulations on choosing a major! Now, it is time to research that major to discover what
    opportunities might be open to you once you graduate.
  • Visit the Career Center and let a career counselor help you research possibilities and discuss assessments that might be helpful.
  • Think about your interests and abilities. What do you like to do? Do you like to work with people? Do you like hands on work? Do you want to work inside or outside? What traits will training in this major allow you to use?
  • Visit “What Can I Do With My Major?” You will be able to explore majors and match majors with career options.
  • Once you see occupations that interest you on “What Can I Do With My Major?” go to bls.gov to research occupations.
  • Keep in mind that most majors are versatile, and you can find a variety of career choices within each major. However, getting experience in your field, before graduation, leads to more job offers after