Industrial Hygiene Degree

Industrial Hygiene (IH) is a science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, prevention, and control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace which may cause sickness, impaired health and well being, or significant discomfort among workers or among citizens of the community.

What Does an Industrial Hygienist Do?

In short, Industrial Hygienist (IHs) are scientist and engineers committed to protecting the health and safety of people where they work. IHs evaluate and work to eliminate hazards associated with issues such as radiation, lead, asbestos, pesticides, radon gas, poor indoor air quality, reproductive health hazards, harmful chemical and physical agents, noise, and ergonomics – just to name a few!

Where are IHs employed?

What distinguishes The UNA IH program from other IH programs?

Our IH program is one of only four ABET accredited Bachelors-level programs in the United States. What makes our program even more unique is the emphasis placed on chemistry. Students who complete our program receive a double major in IH and chemistry. The double major design has been repeatedly commended by employers of our graduates due to the technical expertise acquired by students. For instance, our students are trained not only to perform traditional air sampling, but also to perform the laboratory analysis on their samples. This integrated approach strengthens the students’ technical skills in all aspects of the air sampling process.

The major in industrial hygiene is designed to prepare students for direct entry into the workplace or entry into graduate-level IH programs. The UNA IH program is proud to state its educational objectives and student outcomes, and its annual student enrollment and graduation data. Requirements for the IH major include prescribed ancillary courses in biology, computer science, mathematics and physics. To fulfill the requirements of the IH degree within four years, use the recommended 4-year plan as a guide.