The mission of the Department of Chemistry and Physics at the University of North Alabama is to support excellence in students’ collegiate experiences through an integrated faculty focus on teaching, research, and service within the university and the community at-large as students are encouraged to explore, discover, critique, communicate, and succeed in their chosen fields—chemistry and physics—as they prepare to contribute, personally and professionally, to diverse, regional and global societies. The department is located in the Science and technology (SET) building on the campus of the University of North Alabama. The department maintains the university planetarium and observatory, which is available to the public for viewing (please follow the link for more information regarding dates and times of availability). A course in astronomy is also taught in the planetarium. 

The faculty members in the Department of Chemistry and Physics have the knowledge and experience to offer an outstanding education in these sciences. Our faculty members have worked or conducted research in many areas of the world, including Chile, Russia, England, Madagascar, and the Caribbean. 

In addition to any financial aid that a student may receive from UNA or other sources, the department offers scholarships which can be applied for by visiting the Office of Student Financial Services website. The Department has 12 endowed scholarships available, and of those, 7 are available to incoming first year students. Students majoring in professional chemistry may apply for an endowed scholarship. Awards are made on the basis of academic achievements and the potential for future excellence as indicated by letters of recommendation.

If chemistry or physics are of interest to you or you have questions regarding the possibilities in chemistry or physics-related careers, please contact Dr. Cameron Gren, Chair of the Department of Chemistry and Physics at

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