Industrial Hygiene Educational Objectives

The mission and objectives* of the IH Program were set forth as broad expectations for career achievements by our students a few years after graduation. The following statement of mission and objectives was approved by the IH faculty and members of the IH Program Advisory Board.

The IH Program at the University of North Alabama is dedicated to preparing students who are technically competent to fulfill the professional duties in the practice of IH, who understand the challenges of ethical responsibility of the IH profession, and who are properly educated to undertake graduate studies in occupational health and safety. It is expected that within three years of graduation students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate high level of knowledge, skills, and technical competency in anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling occupational health and safety risks

  2. Provide guidance and significant support to the organization in which they work through the advancement of health and safety in the workplace

  3. Be creative and resourceful by applying business understanding, science, and recognized scientific principles for the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of occupational health problems

  4. Act responsibly and ethically by adhering to code of ethics for the industrial hygiene profession

  5. Effectively communicate with stakeholders by both written and verbal means

  6. Demonstrate a continuous and long-term commitment to learning with an aspiration of obtaining professional certification

  7. Contribute to the health and safety profession by participating actively in professional organizations, technical committees, or local groups

  8. Complete a graduate degree at a Masters level for those choosing to pursue graduate studies following undergraduate graduation.

* Current version was recommended by employers of former IH graduates, members of the IH Advisory Board, and subsequently approved by the IH Advisory Board at its November 2019 meeting.