Kristen N. Van Rensselaer

Professor, Finance

       Kristen N. Van Rensselaer


  •   Finance (DBA)
    Mississippi State University
  •   Finance (MA)
    The University of Alabama
  •   Corporate Finance Investment Management (BS)
    The University of Alabama

Selected Intellectual Contributions

  • Tanja F. Blackstone and Kristen N. Van Rensselaer. 2020. Does Education Contribute to Happiness? A Cross-Country Study. AABRI Research in Business and Economics Journal
  • Tanja F. Blackstone, Kristen Van Rensselaer, Joel Haworth, , , and. 2019. The Changing Quality of the 17-24-Year-Old Population: Recruiting Implications.
  • Kristen N. Van Rensselaer, Tanja F. Blackstone, and Jake Harrington. 2018. Evidence of Racial Discrimination in the Subprime Fixed Mortgage Market. Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives
  • Tanja Blackstone, Rodney Myers, Kimberly Crayton, and Kristen Van Rensselaer. 2017. Recruit Market Depth of the Qualified 17-24-Year-Old Population.
  • Kristen N. Van Rensselaer, Tanja F. Blackstone, Jerry Crabb, and Bruce L. Gordon. 2014. Mortgage Pricing and Gender: A Study of New Century Financial Corporation..
  • Bruce L. Gordon, J Douglas Barrett, and Kristen Van Rensselaer. 2011. Small Business Location and Success of the Firm: Lessons Learned from the Real Estate Brokerage Industry.
  • Kristen N. Van Rensselaer. 2009. International bond markets: A cointegration study..