Faculty Profile

Sunhui (Sunny) Sim, PhD


Assistant Professor


  • Ph.D.  Florida State University
  • M.A.  University of California, Santa Barbara
  • M.S. KonKuk University, South Korea

Areas of Expertise

  • GIS
  • Remote Sensing
  • Urban Geography
  • Geographic Modeling
  • Geographic Visualization
  • Geography of East Asia
Dr. Sim's general research interests are in GIS and Remote Sensing. On daily basis she conducts GIScience studies such as linking land changes, socio-economic transformation, and environmental impacts at the landscape level. She specializes in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, urban geography, sustainability and landscape ecology.
Dr. Sim actively pursues two areas of research focused on 1) new urbanism communities and sprawl and 2) crime analysis. She has developed evaluation tools to compare rhetoric that touts new urbanism communities as “sustainable” or “smart growth.”  She is a co-PI on the 2012-2013 Undergraduate Research Program funded by UNA for Jimmy Hilly on developing sustainability indicators for evaluating new urbanism communities in the U.S.  Also, she has been collaborating on crime research funded by the Department of Justice. This study examines underlying characteristics of crime locations, specifically analyzing multiple types of crime before and after Hurricane Ivan in the cities of Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida, as well as before and after Hurricane Wilma in the city of Miami, Florida. Currently, she is working toward a National Geographic Research and Exploration Grant to study 200-1000 years old human settlements in Korea focusing on urban sustainability.

Selected Publications and Research Contributions

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  • W. Walker, S. Sim, and L. Keys-Mathews. 2012. The Impact of Hurricanes on Spatial-Temporal Patterns of Crime in Mobile, Alabama, Proceedings of 2012 GIScience, Columbus, OH.
  • S. Sim. 2011. Measuring urban sprawl and compactness: case study Orlando, USA, Proceedings of International Cartographic Conference, Paris, France.
  • S. Sim. 2007. Spatio-temporal dynamics in Seoul Metropolitan Region: Linking remote sensing into urban theory, Proceedings of Urban remote sensing conference, Paris, France.
  • S. Sim and K. Clarke. 2005. Dasymetric Mapping with Object-oriented Classification and GIS, Proceedings of IEEE International Geoscience and remote sensing symposium conference, Seoul Korea


  • GE 102 - World Regional Geography
  • GE 324 - Cartography
  • GE 384 - Introduction to GIS
  • GE 390- Urban Geography
  • GE 497 - GIS-Special Topic: GIS Programming, Multimedia Geovisualization
  • GE 454/554 - Remote Sensing
  • GE 684 -  Modeling and Analysis in GIS
  • GE 697 - Advanced Quantitative Methods for Geographers

Graduate Students

  • Jason Blankenship (Advisor)
  • Chandler White (Committee Member)
  • Romeo Gillyard '16 (Advisor)
  • Md Abu Sayed '16 (Advisor)
  • Robby Thompson '16 (Committee Member)
  • Robert Nall '13 (Committee Member)
  • William Walker '12 (Committee Member)
  • Robert (B.J.) Kavanaugh '12 (Committee Member)