Access Abroad

Access Abroad is a collaborative effort at the University of North Alabama between the Office of International Affairs and Disability Support Services. This partnership facilitates equal access for students seeking to pursue an education abroad experience and to provide information on accessibility at overseas sites.

Students with disabilities can go abroad; UNA encourages the participation of students with disabilities! Going abroad on an organized program where there is education abroad staff or faculty, and other exchange students around, can be a big comfort in knowing you don’t have to figure out tough situations that come up abroad alone.

Education abroad is one of the greatest experiences available to you and UNA's Education Abroad staff can help you identify programs that are best for you. We can provide information about possible accommodations and their approximate cost. Though we cannot guarantee accessibility at all locations, we can advise students if a particular site appears to be inaccessible and we can recommend an alternate site, if needed.

NEVER let your disability discourage you from pursuing an education abroad program; earn academic credit, expand your cultural competence, and become more self-aware. The Office of International Affairs and Disability Support Services are here to guide you!