Current Student Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register for courses? 

    Students may register for online MBA courses through their UNAPortal. To see step by step instructions, visit the Registration Information section on the Registrar’s website.

  2. How do I pay my tuition online? 

    Students may pay their tuition online thought their UNAPortal account. To see step by step instructions, visit the FAQ list on the Office of Student Accounts website.

  3. Where can I find and buy the materials that are required for my courses?

    To find course material information, students can either check their course syllabus or check the UNA Bookstore.  Follow the instructions on the screen to find the specific course and the material required.

  4. Where can I find the university catalog? 

    University Catalog Archive

  5. Where can I find the class schedule?

    The detailed Class Schedule is listed on the Registrar's website.

  6. How do I reset my Portal or Canvas password? 

    To reset your password, complete your enrollment into the new UNA Password Reset system.  Please go to to enroll.

    Note: to complete the enrollment process you will need your UNA Student ID.  You will find your Student ID in your UNAPortal account.

  7. How do I withdraw from a course? 

    Please see the Process to Drop Courses on the Registrar’s website.

  8. Where can I find important university dates? (i.e. tuition deadlines, W, WP, WF periods, university holidays)

    You can find this information on the Academic Calendar, which is located in the Information Section of the current Class Schedule.

  9. I took a semester off from courses.  Do I need to reactivate my status?

    If you took a summer semester off, you are not required to reactivate your status. If you took a spring or fall semester off, you will need to be reactivated. To reactivate your status, please submit a new application online through your MyUNA Profile. You are not required to pay the application fee again or resend application materials.
    If you do not have a MyUNA Profile, you must create an account to reapply.

  10. When should I apply for graduation?  How do I apply?

    To see important deadlines and step by step instructions on how to apply for graduation, visit the Office of the Registrar website or check your UNAPortal under Academics.  *Students must apply for graduation two semesters in advance.

  11. Am I required to take my courses in a specific order?                          No, you may take courses in any order you choose, with the exception of three courses: MBA 600 and MBA 601 MUST be taken your very first two semesters as a graduate student, and MG 640 cannot be taken until you have completed at least 15 hours of graduate coursework including either AC 642 or FI 632.

  12. How do I view my grades?

    Students can access their grades two ways.

     1. Log into your UNAPortal account and click on the Academics tab.  On the lower left side of the screen, under the Student Grades section, select the appropriate term to view your final grades.

     2.  Log into Canvas and select Grades at the top. This will show your specific grades within the course.

  13. How do I access my courses?

    Access your courses using Canvas, which is UNA's learning software system.  Log in using your UNAPortal username and password.

  14. How do I change concentrations?

    To do this, send an email to from your UNA Portal Email with your request to change MBA Concentration.

  15. I originally planned to start courses this semester, but I changed my mind.  How do I defer my start date?

    Students who wish to defer their start date, please submit a new application online through your MyUNA Profile.  You are not required to pay the application fee again or resend application materials.

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