Parents of the Pride at UNA

As a parent or family member of a UNA student, you are automatically a Parent of the Pride. In that role, you have the incredible opportunity and responsibility of assisting your student in the transition from high school to college life and in the navigation of college years. This can sometimes be a rocky road, but we are here to help.Our Parent and Family Program exists to answer questions, help navigate the University, to assist in finding the appropriate resources, and to help talk through any challenges the parents and family members of our students are experiencing.

Well-informed parents and families enhance the student experience and promote student success by:

  • Understanding the student experience and knowing about resources available at the University of North Alabama
  • Supporting the University’s goals for student learning and development outcomes
  • Knowing when to step in to help their student and when to empower their student to take responsibility
  • Developing an affinity for the University of North Alabama

Parents and family members have a wonderful opportunity to familiarize themselves with the University of North Alabama’s campus and community by participating in a Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR) session during the summer with their student. SOAR is a program for entering freshmen and transfer students. Family Orientation is held in conjunction with SOAR sessions, and family members are given similar information as their student but geared toward the parent perspective. Students and families will also have access to the Mane Book, a guidebook for first-year students, during SOAR. We encourage students to read this book before arriving on campus for the fall semester.

The Parent and Family Program has many of the same goals that parents and other family members have for their students. We want students to succeed, feel supported, and become part of the UNA community. We also know that parent and family involvement is shown to be beneficial to students as they navigate college years. Therefore, we look forward to working with you to ease their transition to UNA and make their college experience a positive one.