Welcome to Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of staff who provide co-curricular activities and opportunities that help to transform the student experience, enhance diversity and inclusion, and contribute to UNA’s institutional identity. UNA is Alabama’s fastest-growing higher education institution. We have experienced record-breaking enrollment for 16 consecutive terms, and for Fall 2023, the University is expected to reach a 17th. Each and every student has a compelling experience to share and we are here to learn what students’ goals, hopes, and aspirations are and how the University can help them accomplish their dreams.

Student retention, progression, and graduation are milestones complemented by the Division of Student Affairs. Nurturing student health, safety, and well-being at UNA while providing campus and community involvement experiences, leadership and service opportunities, and the chance to strengthen learning and critical thinking occur through the people and resources provided on our departmental websites. Please engage with us and get involved.

Join us for UNA traditions like Mane Month, The Lucky Dip, Homecoming, Light the Fountain, and Founders' Day. Fully immerse yourself in learning and engagement opportunities and help UNA become stronger every day.

Roar Lions!

Dr. K.C. White
Vice President for Student Affairs
Division of Student Affairs
University of North Alabama