Our Staff of the Planetarium

Dr. Mel Blake"Come Gather round people, wherever you roam ..." Bob Dylan.


  • Director, Dr. Mel Blake.

Student Assistants

  • James mcKee helps with the public nights and other duties supporting the planetarium.

Past Students

  • Work-Study Intern Shrinkanla Kumar. Feb. - June 2008.
  • Work-Study Intern Courtney. Sept. - December 2008.
  • Work-Study Intern Adam Blacklidge. Spring 2009.
  • Senior Project student. Zach. August - December 2008. AGNs.
  • Research volunteer. Ujiwal Kumar. Spring 2009. Ujiwal was a research volunteer worked on active galaxies.
  • Senior Project student. Teri Tidwell. Summer 2009. Teri worked on a senior project on rotating Radio Astronomical transients (RRATs).
  • Senior Project student. Tara Jaynes. Summer 2009. Tara worked on a senior project looking for variables tars in two star clusters.
  • Work-Study Intern. Britney Murphy. Fall 2009.
  • Adam Blacklidge volunteer in 2010
  • Daniel Johnson worked as a research work-study student in 2012 and 2013
  • Deb Bailey worked as a work-study student until her graduation in 2012
  • Christian Bayens worked as a work-study student and did a research project on galaxies, 2013 -2014
  • Maisey Hunter did a research project in the spring of 2013
  • Taylor Garber did a summer work study and research project in 2012-2013
  • Caleb Lane worked on a senior research project on planetary systems in fall 2014/15
  • Maisey Hunter work-study Intern 2013-2014
  • Koko Himeno worked on asteroid research. 2014-2015
  • Mary McDaniel worke on cvariable star research 2014-15