Silent Witness/Campus Crime Watch

Help is Needed

The University of North Alabama is committed to providing a safe and secure campus for students, faculty, staff, and guests.  You can contribute to this effort by familiarizing yourself with the information provided on this web page and acting in accordance with the advice it contains.  Also, it is hoped that you will embrace fully the concept of crime prevention, take advantage of UNA-sponsored crime prevention programs, and feel comfortable with calling upon the University Police Department for assistance with any University-related safety or security matter.

Together We Can Make A Difference

Silent Witness Form (Report a Crime Anonymously)

The purpose of this form is to gather information concerning possible crime on campus.  This form allows you to remain anonymous if you choose to do so.  The Police Chief will be the one who receives the information that you provide.  If you wish to contact the Chief, you can E-mail University Police at

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