In Tune: Kilby School Starts Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Band #myUNA

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In Tune: Kilby School Starts Fifth- and Sixth-Grade Band

Oct. 16, 2009

FLORENCE, Ala. – The University of North Alabama’s Kilby Laboratory School has started a fifth- and sixth-grade beginning band program. Kilby is a public K-6 school.

“We wanted the students who were interested in band to have the same opportunity to learn an instrument before middle school,” said Melissa Elsey, who began the program. “Now, when they go to seventh grade band, they will be at the same level as other students in the area who had the opportunity to join band in fifth and sixth grade.”

Elsey, a graduate of UNA, believes music is important in education.

“Playing an instrument is different than just coming to music class and singing,” she said. “When you learn to play and to read music, you learn a different language.”

The current 15 band members enjoy the extra time at school to play music. They meet before school three days a week and after school two days a week.

“I like band because of the great sounds,” Kilby student Michael Jennings said.

Other students see more benefits than learning music.

“It’s good having the responsibility of taking care of an instrument,” Kilby student Joseph Green said.

Elsey has planned for the band to play with a local middle school band as well as with UNA’s Pride of Dixie Marching Band at a football game.