Jordan Sparks

What are you doing now?

I am currently in my fourth year of graduate school in the Quantitative Psychology program at Georgia Tech. I completed my Master's in December of 2015 and I am currently working towards my PhD.

How did UNA's Psychology program help you achieve what you have become?

For one, I would have never considered Quantitative Psychology as an option were it not for my excellent Psychological Statistics class at UNA! Thanks to the faculty in the Psychology department, I learned that my interests aligned with a growing area in our field and I was able to direct my Psychology electives and my general electives to better prepare me for a graduate degree in this area. Also, I greatly benefitted from the research projects supervised by the psychology faculty. I was able to join two different research projects and present my research findings at regional and national conferences! These projects taught me crucial information about the research process and helped solidify my decision to enter into a research intensive program.

What advice would you give students who are interested in becoming UNA Psychology majors?

Earning a bachelor's degree in psychology opens the door to an incredible number of career options! If you are interested in psychology and want to open up your own practice someday--That's great! There are some wonderful resources available at UNA to prepare you for an applied career. But, if you're like me and don't like the idea of working with patients, there is always the option to go into research. Researchers with degrees from my program have gone on to work in academia, industry, and even government! Knowing that I wasn't confining myself to one career option would have been helpful knowledge to have when I first started working towards my degree. Explore your options!