Master's in Family Studies

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Earn a Master of Science in Family and Community Services Completely Online

There may be no greater calling than working to improve the lives of children and families. UNA's M.S. in Family and Community Services offers students the opportunity to advance their careers without ever stepping foot on campus. Even if you are already working full time, managing family responsibilities, or living out of state, you can fit our fully online program into your schedule.

UNA's M.S. in Family and Community Services program boasts an extremely high job placement rate in field post-graduation. Our graduates are working as Parent Educators, Financial Stability Coaches, Family Case Managers, 4-H Youth Development Agents, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agents, and Youth Advocates.

As an online program, the MS in Family and Community Services offers in-state tuition to all students.

Human Services

Find work in child welfare, hospitals, residential children's homes, summer camps, foster care and adoption, home health and faith-based organizations.


Consider working with job training services, cooperative extension agencies, after -school programs, marriage and family enrichment organizations or child development centers.

Policy & Law

Graduates find work in criminal justice settings, juvenile service settings, domestic violence shelters, and child and adult protective services.

Communications & Business

Find work in human resources, public relations, development and consumer services.

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Program Requirements

The M.S. in Family and Community Services program is comprised of 31 credit hours of course work and the completion of a comprehensive exam or thesis. The program is designed to be completed in two years.

Core Courses of Study 19

Elective Courses of Study12

12 hours of the following or advisor approved graduate course work.

Total 31

NON-THESIS OPTION: Students completing the Non-Thesis Option must, in the last semester in which all other course requirements are expected to be completed, register for FS 698 (Comprehensive Examination) in order to take a written comprehensive examination prior to graduation in order to complete the program.

THESIS OPTION: In addition to the courses above, students who request and receive permission to complete the Thesis Option must complete a minimum of 6 semester hours of FS 695 (Thesis) and register for FS 699 (Thesis Defense) during the last semester in which all other course requirements are expected to be completed. Thesis students will not be required to take FS 698 (Comprehensive Exam).