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The Department of  Sociology and Family Studies offers an academic major in Sociology leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.  Within the Sociology major, the department offers concentrations in Criminology and Gerontology.  The department also offers minor programs in sociology and family studies, coursework leading to certification as a family life educator (CFLE), and courses applicable to the General Education Component.

The Department of Sociology and Family Studies aims to prepare students for the many occupations in human services, health care, personnel management, government, and the justice system for which preparation in sociology, family studies, gerontology, and criminology are appropriate, or for advanced study in graduate and professional schools leading to teaching and research positions.  The gerontology concentration and certificate programs are designed to provide a broad base of knowledge and skills to advance the careers of those who work with families, children, and growing elderly population. Students should consult the department chair concerning personal educational objectives, programs, career objectives and options for online/distance learning education.

ONLINE Master of Science Program in Family Studies

The Maser of Science Program in Family Studies requires 33 hours of graduate work in the field and is designed to focus on the family as a social unit in its developmental, dynamic, comparative, and structural aspects, and the significance of the family as a system that impacts individuals and society. We will start reviewing applications from students interested in the program for fall 2015 soon. Students seeking additional information should contact Dr. Amber Paulk, Coordinator of Graduate Studies, Department of Sociology and Family Studies, at 256.765.4855 or    

Department of Sociology and Family Studies, winners of Community Involvement and Outreach Award 2015

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Dr. Paulk at the UNA Reception Table at NCFR 2014!


The Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) Program

If you are interested in working with families and children in a variety of different occupations you might want to consider taking advantage of our CFLE or Family Life Educator Certification. The CFLE is a nationally recognized certificate awarded by National Council on Family Relations (NCFR). The Department of Sociology and Family Studies at UNA has been approved by the NCFR to offer coursework leading to the certificate. This is a certification you can seek that will give you an “edge” when it comes to looking for a job in this field after graduation.  Click HERE for more information.  If interested, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Amber Paulk at 256.765.4855 or